Canon 60D / T3i LCD View Finders

Swing out LCD's are great for odd shooting positions, but posed some problems for DSLR LCD View Finders. The Canon 60D and T3i fall into this category. The solution is to use a frame that mounts under the camera body, but the pricing has been out of reach. Or has it?
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Has anyone caught these new LCD Viewfinders for both 3" and 3:2 DSLR LCD Screens? Claims to be compatible with the 60D and T3i cameras, as well as the older 5D/7D cameras.

Screen shot 2011-05-15 at 12.43.55 AM

I'm not seeing very much adjustments on the frame, so i'm wondering how they could get it to line up against so many different camera bodies? Sure the LCDs are a basic size, but the position on the body isn't always the same. There's definitely two different versions from the photos i've seen. One is a square 3" and the other a more rectangular 3.2". These VF's have the obvious large eyecup but no diopter. No luck for you battery grip users, straight body mount only. Uses magnets to hold onto the frame - which the frame is mounted under the camera body with a Tripod mount still available. Fetches for mid $30's US.

DSLR LCD View Finder 60D
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14 thoughts on “Canon 60D / T3i LCD View Finders

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Jonathan Cruz - The view finder is a close fit to the GH2, but the bracket does not line up properly.

  2. Jonathan Cruz

    can someone please tell me if it will adapt well w/the gh2?
    Im looking for a non-sticky solution and i don't mind if it doesn't swing out n stuff.

  3. ddueck

    I just got one too. I agree, for the price (I paid 20$+SH, eBay) it's awesome. The magnets aren't terribly strong (lots of motion will make it pop right off, i.e. running) so I'm going to glue the pieces together - either that or pad the edges of the VF, forget about the frame and use some rubber/elastic bands to secure the whole thing to the top of the body and a separate tripod plate underneath.

    Optically it works like a dream on my T3i - perfect focus on the screen and brilliant clarity and magnification. Even the eye cup is comfortably, even when shooting for hours. I was honestly surprised at how great this VF is for being so cheap. My only realy complaint is those magnets, and I can work around them easily.

  4. I ordered this and it's been working well so far. Its cheep and I don't know how long it will last but for the price its great.

  5. Chris

    @emm - thanks I have just ordered one, looks like it could take a while to get the UK, but my fader ND came in half the estimated time so here's to hoping, once it comes I'll let you know my thoughts.
    In the mean time please check out my DIY slider here:

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Chris - It looks like they left a 1/4x20 thread under the mount for you to add to a tripod.

  7. Chris

    Hi Emm,
    I found these on ebay the other day and thought they might be a solution for me as I was unhappy about the idea of having to stick a frame to my camera, one question, once its screwed in place can you still thread a trip mount into the bottom of it? Hope that makes sense?

  8. Kris

    I've been trying to get one from the ebay sellers, as it appears to fit my carryspeed copy. They wont sell it separate though.

  9. I must say i love my 60d with a LCDVF as it is like having a EVF as part of the camera and if i am honest its very rare i shoot with the LDC folded back on the camera unless using my shoulder rig.

    But i do have the problems with the sticky frame falling off after half a day under studio lights so might have to look into one of theses if only there was some sort of happy middle ground.....

    Alex McCranor

  10. For the 60D I use a GGS glass screen protector with the magnetic Carry Speed frame on top. You can't close the LCD with the screen facing inwards, but it's protected by glass. Seems like less trouble than screwing something into the tripod mount. Even more so with quick release plates and battery grips. A better design would be a frame that clips onto the LCD and can be removed easily, like that plastic sleeve you made.

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