5D Mark II Discount – Body Only

Some interesting sales going on, one that might be of interest to some of you is the Canon 5D Mark II. Shaving a few hundred dollars off normal retail price, the Canon 5D Mark II (body only) goes on sale over at BestBuy.com for a limited time.

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8 thoughts on “5D Mark II Discount – Body Only

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  2. Could it be they are trying to finish up the stock in anticipating the arrival of 5Dmk3 (or will that be named 6D)? Over here in China, the prices of most DSLR has gone up since the Japan disaster.

  3. i tried to 3 times today... this morning they wanted to connect me to a manager... after 25min. on hold i gave up. also 1 time later this morning i got connected 3 times to different people . . .and at the end it said only "couldn't connect to this phon nr" so i did it again, and directly asked for a manager! after 3 times to be connected again.. i talked to one for 10 min. but there was no way to get that price anymore since they are out of stock... oh well maybe next time...

  4. It's funny. Some vendors are saying with what happened in Japan that prices will rise. Others are hosting sales.
    Is this a sign of the impending 5d mkiii?

    Why push out old product unless you had something to replace it with?!

  5. alex

    That totally sucks....wanted to order on this morning! But they already have the old price online!!! Grrr....

  6. Tan

    I noticed that the 7d was also on sale. Should I buy the 7d it's still on sale for $1427, or should I buy a refurbished one for $1087 (only problem with getting a refurbed 7d is waiting for it to get back in stock.. which i've been doing for the past 3 weeks)

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