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F&V is the company that introduced the very popular Z96 LED Video light. This year they are offering a few more affordable additions starting as low as $32 dollars to about $60 dollars. The lights can be attached together to create a larger panel, and have the unique Expandable Link System and SmartSync Control Circuit. These lights are coming in at smaller setups called the K160, K320, and K480. There's also a larger Z180, that contains 180 LED bulbs and available in 5600K or Bi-Color options.

[Update] F&V writes in and mentions that some overseas LED lights are sold by unauthorized dealers. These cheaper versions could be using LED bulbs that fail to meet export standards (basically B-Stock or less) and don't go through the same Detailed Review Process testing as their export products. Purchasing LED lights directly from F&V will guarantee the product has a Higher CRI value, greater light output, a more dependable product, and of course warranty.

You can find all the different F&V LED light panels and other accessories available at their website following the link (click here).

find-price-button F&V New Smart LED K160, K320, K480 LED Video Lighting


Thanks to ceevisionzfilms for pointing this out on Twitter. It's a set of two dimmable 500 LED video lights + Light Stands shipping from a USA seller. Divide all the pieces up and this 2 piece LED light kit is a pretty nice deal. If you know of better pricing for an LED light kit, leave comments. You can check out this deal following the link (click here).

500 LED Video LIght Kit with Stands
find-price-button (2)pc Dimmable 500 LED Video Light Kit w/ Stands

[Update] Shared through the comments, here's another link that might be a few dollars cheaper too: https://www.ebay.com/2x-Lighting-Stand-2x-500-LED/230683764?pt=LH_&hash=item352e7f5


Screen shot 2011-09-12 at 10.52.25 PM

This new 209 LED video light is the smaller version of the popular 312 LED video light, but slightly larger than the smallest 144 Bi-Color LED Video Light. It's definitely a welcome size for those who feel the 144 too small and the 312 too big. In fact I ended up purchasing several of the 240 Bi-Color LED lights because I wanted that size and the color adjustable feature.

Screen shot 2011-09-12 at 10.52.35 PM

This new 209 LED light comes in just a bit higher than the 240, but it does have some additional features the 240 lacks. One popular feature that resembles the Z96 is it's stacking form factor. A few of these panels can build up into a nice larger light source. The second feature is a DC input, which means you can run a variety of external sources and power up for longer run times. You can find the 209 Bi-Color LED Video lights via eBay (found here).

209 bi color led
find-price-button Latest 209AS Bi-Color Changing LED Video Light


The 160 LED Video Lights (larger brother of the popular 126) is now old news. You'll find many of the pricing on the 160's coming down fairly cheap, but that could be due to a slightly better version that is now out with 170 LEDs.

find-price-button Latest version - 170 Dimmable LED Video Light

I'm not sure if the overall unit has a better build, but it appears to be from the same manufacturer, and the new 170 LED video light will also come with the much better adjustable metal ball mount (not the plastic crappy version). Many shooters picked up a minus green filter to further correct a slightly green cast on these CN lights, and it appears the new 170 version also comes standard with a pink (minus green) filter now.

The older 160 LED Video lights
find-price-button 160 LED Video Lights



A new LED Ring light becomes available. This one looks like the same build as the 352 LED Ring light that I've been using, except the count on this comes to 360 LEDs. I've heard rumors about a new improved version that was being developed, but I can't say if this one is it. It sure does look like the same bracket in the additional photos. This one is powered the same via 12V AC adapter or an optional 12V battery similar to the 352. There's a few other listed specs for the 360 that are better than the 352 including dimmable down to 0% and about $70 dollars cheaper. Now time to hunt down a video review..

find-price-button 360 LED DSLR Video Ring Light w/ Battery

Here's the other 352 LED Ring light Version (below).
find-price-button 352 12V Capable Dimmable LED Ring Light


Here's a simple frame grab using only 900 LED Video Light panels. 1/50th, F/4, ISO 100 on Canon 7D.

find-price-button 900 LED Dimmable Photography Video Light Panel

No worries about heat or power draw that will blow out house breakers. The 600 and 900 LED versions come with Sony V Mounts, so you can also invest in batteries to take them off the grid and portable. You can see placement of lights in the first frame grab. Not the best test here, but hopefully you get an idea about power output, throw, and diffusion. [Thanks Olivia for sitting in.]

You can find more LED Video Light Panels in different Sizes below
600-900-1200 LED
find-price-button 500, 520, 600, 900, 1000, 1200 LED Lights and More


There were very few available on eBay for a premium price, and now after about 6 months of being out of stock, they're back on Amazon. I guess they worked out the shortage. If you haven't seen how these operate, you can find a video here: http://cheesycam.com/color-changing-variable-color-led-video-lights/


find-price-button 1000 LED Photography Video Light Panel 0% - 100% DIMMABLE COLOR CHANGING 3500K- 6000K TEMP


Remember this article: http://cheesycam.com/48-led-ufo-camping-ring-light/? Vimeo member RAYPERENIA throws up a 48 LED Camping light video sample and it looks pretty good. Not quite the bluish output I thought it might have, and it actually looks pretty good. Total light output looks strong for a $5 dollar light and the area of coverage looks pretty good too. I asked Ray what white balance setting he had, so hopefully we'll hear back. [Thanks Ray]

find-price-button 48 LED UFO Camping Lights



Thinking back not long ago LED video lights were outside the normal budget. Bigger and better designs plus affordable prices make LED video lights the new standard. I don't know anyone using anything else these days for portable on-camera lighting. These 312 Portable LED Video lights aren't very new. People have sent in links to this LED light but it wasn't something I was very interested in. There is however one version of this that's fairly new, which recently caught my attention again. So check carefully and don't get confused between them if you're shopping for one.

Relative Size on Camera

The first version of this LED video light comes in with 312 LEDs with Variable 'Color Temp'. If you've seen how this technology works, you'll basically be ending up with about 1/2 the light output. Here's an old article I posted about the larger color changing LEDs http://cheesycam.com/latest-led-color-changing-video-light/



Although color changing features make for a great LED light, you'd be carrying around a fairly large form factor for just 1/2 the power. Not something I was interested in for this type of portable on camera video light. The latest version of this LED light is much more interesting. It seems as if they've removed the color changing feature and just added 312 bright 5400K LEDs.

Above - Color Changing with two Dimmers

Above - Non-Color Changing with only Brightness Dimmer

Why is this more appealing to me now? Well for people like me looking to stack portable LED video lights like the Z96, this might be the better and cheaper route. If you purchased (3) Z96 LED lights at current price, you'd end up paying more, come in with less LEDs, and have to deal with more batteries and more pieces. The 312 LED video light is a good size to still be considered portable with very little pieces to muck around with. There are two versions of the 312 LED video light, but all come with 2 Batteries, Battery Charger, a diffusing panel, and hot shoe adapter. Not only a better deal on the total number of LED's compared to the Z96, but throw in the rechargeable batteries (looks like Sony) + charger, the price is looking pretty sweet. It's a very clean professional looking form factor with obvious dimmer knob(s) on the back and a nice battery meter to show you how much power you have left.

find-price-button 312 Dimmable (or Color Changing) LED Video Light, Batteries + Charger included