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One popular set of small LED Lights that have been popping up lately is from a company called GVM (Great Video Maker). Starting at just $149 dollars with tons of excellent reviews (seen here), the GVM LED lights look like a great bit of kit for those who may just be starting out.

While I find the build quality, overall output, and Color Rendering excellent at this price point, there are a few 'quirks' one should know about the GVM 520 and GVM 672 LED Light panels. I've mentioned a few of them through my video review, but the stand out 'quirk' for me would be the lack of a battery meter advising you about how much time you have left. I feel this is one of the most important features any battery operated light should have (even if it's just an approximation). The last thing you want to worry about is having a light suddenly power off in the middle of an interview.

Second, it's nice that they offer built in wireless to control other GVM lights, it is limiting. Every light will have the exact same brightness and color temp setting. I see these lights being used on location as a small 3 piece kit, in which a majority of the time each light will have different brightness settings. If they were to introduce a handheld remote, then I feel the wireless controls would be much more appealing.

For 520 and 672 LEDs in a small panel, these will work best for talking head shots or maybe when working with products. They are probably not best suited for lighting large spaces. Overall I think the light offers excellent color reproduction for it's price. The phrase 'Bang for the buck' comes to mind when working with these lights.

You can find the GVM LED panels available via Amazon (click here).

crystal 800 wireless GVM 520 672 LED Video Lights



Thinking back not long ago LED video lights were outside the normal budget. Bigger and better designs plus affordable prices make LED video lights the new standard. I don't know anyone using anything else these days for portable on-camera lighting. These 312 Portable LED Video lights aren't very new. People have sent in links to this LED light but it wasn't something I was very interested in. There is however one version of this that's fairly new, which recently caught my attention again. So check carefully and don't get confused between them if you're shopping for one.

Relative Size on Camera

The first version of this LED video light comes in with 312 LEDs with Variable 'Color Temp'. If you've seen how this technology works, you'll basically be ending up with about 1/2 the light output. Here's an old article I posted about the larger color changing LEDs http://cheesycam.com/latest-led-color-changing-video-light/



Although color changing features make for a great LED light, you'd be carrying around a fairly large form factor for just 1/2 the power. Not something I was interested in for this type of portable on camera video light. The latest version of this LED light is much more interesting. It seems as if they've removed the color changing feature and just added 312 bright 5400K LEDs.

Above - Color Changing with two Dimmers

Above - Non-Color Changing with only Brightness Dimmer

Why is this more appealing to me now? Well for people like me looking to stack portable LED video lights like the Z96, this might be the better and cheaper route. If you purchased (3) Z96 LED lights at current price, you'd end up paying more, come in with less LEDs, and have to deal with more batteries and more pieces. The 312 LED video light is a good size to still be considered portable with very little pieces to muck around with. There are two versions of the 312 LED video light, but all come with 2 Batteries, Battery Charger, a diffusing panel, and hot shoe adapter. Not only a better deal on the total number of LED's compared to the Z96, but throw in the rechargeable batteries (looks like Sony) + charger, the price is looking pretty sweet. It's a very clean professional looking form factor with obvious dimmer knob(s) on the back and a nice battery meter to show you how much power you have left.

find-price-button 312 Dimmable (or Color Changing) LED Video Light, Batteries + Charger included