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Sucks posting this article, especially since the unit is not available for the same price (right now). I posted something about this new light hitting the market a few days ago, and of course it sold out fast. It was the first time a BI-Color Adjustable LED light was available for the price. Hopefully they'll get them back on the market ASAP, because this light makes balancing fill light color so easy. Don't worry i'm on top of this so if I find out updates, i'll get it on this blog for ya'. If you want to check out the original post for these light you can find it HERE.

Sony battery Compatible + Panasonic w Adapter

Drop in Diffuser (Magenta not Shown)

Color Temperature Adjustment Dial

Brightness Dimmer

Battery Meter

For now, here's a few inexpensive other options for Bi-Color, Color Changing, Color Adjustable LED Video Lights (below).

find-price-button 240 LED Video light (same as what i've received - rebranded / marked up)

312 LED Video Light
find-price-button 312 LED Color Changing Dimmable Video Light

[Update Update] Now Back Available Here:
find-price-button 240 Dimmable Color Changing LED Video Light with Barndoors

find-price-button 240 Dimmable Color Changing LED Video Light without Barndoors


There were very few available on eBay for a premium price, and now after about 6 months of being out of stock, they're back on Amazon. I guess they worked out the shortage. If you haven't seen how these operate, you can find a video here: http://cheesycam.com/color-changing-variable-color-led-video-lights/


find-price-button 1000 LED Photography Video Light Panel 0% - 100% DIMMABLE COLOR CHANGING 3500K- 6000K TEMP



Thinking back not long ago LED video lights were outside the normal budget. Bigger and better designs plus affordable prices make LED video lights the new standard. I don't know anyone using anything else these days for portable on-camera lighting. These 312 Portable LED Video lights aren't very new. People have sent in links to this LED light but it wasn't something I was very interested in. There is however one version of this that's fairly new, which recently caught my attention again. So check carefully and don't get confused between them if you're shopping for one.

Relative Size on Camera

The first version of this LED video light comes in with 312 LEDs with Variable 'Color Temp'. If you've seen how this technology works, you'll basically be ending up with about 1/2 the light output. Here's an old article I posted about the larger color changing LEDs http://cheesycam.com/latest-led-color-changing-video-light/



Although color changing features make for a great LED light, you'd be carrying around a fairly large form factor for just 1/2 the power. Not something I was interested in for this type of portable on camera video light. The latest version of this LED light is much more interesting. It seems as if they've removed the color changing feature and just added 312 bright 5400K LEDs.

Above - Color Changing with two Dimmers

Above - Non-Color Changing with only Brightness Dimmer

Why is this more appealing to me now? Well for people like me looking to stack portable LED video lights like the Z96, this might be the better and cheaper route. If you purchased (3) Z96 LED lights at current price, you'd end up paying more, come in with less LEDs, and have to deal with more batteries and more pieces. The 312 LED video light is a good size to still be considered portable with very little pieces to muck around with. There are two versions of the 312 LED video light, but all come with 2 Batteries, Battery Charger, a diffusing panel, and hot shoe adapter. Not only a better deal on the total number of LED's compared to the Z96, but throw in the rechargeable batteries (looks like Sony) + charger, the price is looking pretty sweet. It's a very clean professional looking form factor with obvious dimmer knob(s) on the back and a nice battery meter to show you how much power you have left.

find-price-button 312 Dimmable (or Color Changing) LED Video Light, Batteries + Charger included

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click image to buy from BHPHOTOVIDEO.com

Well i'm sold on the Transcend 400x cards I just received last week. I purchased (4) 32GB cards with next day air because I knew I would need the space. I was only supposed to test these out, but this was a lifesaver, as I ran super low on available disk space and fell back onto these for all three days. They all performed without a hiccup, fast and reliable. I shot, dumped, formatted, shot dumped formatted, shot dumped formatted all three different days and they all still performed without a problem.

click to find Z96 Dimmable DSLR Video Light

Another piece of gear that performed pefectly was that Z96 Dimmable DSLR LED Video light. I'm still getting quite a bit of questions about it on each event. It's still so new I guess and not many people are seeing these in use. There was a photographer on site trying to get a decent shot of a beautiful wedding cake, but the flash wasn't really giving the best look with the dark ambient. With two LED light panels positioned high on each side, the photographer was able to shoot with a decent ISO giving a more natural look to the cake. Another good example of using these Z96 LED Video lights over flash, especially since these high end DSLR's do much better with ISO noise. You couple that with the new Noise Reduction filters on Lightroom 3 and you've got a better natural image than that of with flash. One set of Sanyo Eneloop Rechargeable batteries in these Z96's are all it takes for a full day of shooting.

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Update!! You Can Find the Popular 126 LED DSLR Video Light Kit Here!!

This video was created by Dereck Willis about the Cheap LED lights everyone is buying, but is causing some controversy about the Whining noise at the end of his video.

I love these lights, and so do all my friends who have purchased them after me. Because of all the controversy, Here is my official test showing my results.

First test: I'm using (3) Three LED lights next to a Zoom H4n
Second test: was with the light mounted to the hot shoe using the on Board microphone on the 7D.

Not sure how Dereck ended up with a whining noise, but I did not get anything at all. The only thing I can think of is that towards the end of his video, he was standing next to the light. He was using a Lav Microphone that may have picked up 'Electrical Interferance'. The lights themselves don't emit any noise. I did not get any interferance in my results.

Check out MY video review below to dispell any myths. I think these lights are great, and I'd love to hear comments from others out there regarding these lights. If you're interested in purchasing these awesome LED lights, you can grab them from this article here: http://cheesycam.com/?p=523

Update!! You Can Find the Popular 126 LED DSLR Video Light Kit Here!!