The 312 Dimmable Portable LED Video Light


Thinking back not long ago LED video lights were outside the normal budget. Bigger and better designs plus affordable prices make LED video lights the new standard. I don't know anyone using anything else these days for portable on-camera lighting. These 312 Portable LED Video lights aren't very new. People have sent in links to this LED light but it wasn't something I was very interested in. There is however one version of this that's fairly new, which recently caught my attention again. So check carefully and don't get confused between them if you're shopping for one.

Relative Size on Camera

The first version of this LED video light comes in with 312 LEDs with Variable 'Color Temp'. If you've seen how this technology works, you'll basically be ending up with about 1/2 the light output. Here's an old article I posted about the larger color changing LEDs



Although color changing features make for a great LED light, you'd be carrying around a fairly large form factor for just 1/2 the power. Not something I was interested in for this type of portable on camera video light. The latest version of this LED light is much more interesting. It seems as if they've removed the color changing feature and just added 312 bright 5400K LEDs.

Above - Color Changing with two Dimmers

Above - Non-Color Changing with only Brightness Dimmer

Why is this more appealing to me now? Well for people like me looking to stack portable LED video lights like the Z96, this might be the better and cheaper route. If you purchased (3) Z96 LED lights at current price, you'd end up paying more, come in with less LEDs, and have to deal with more batteries and more pieces. The 312 LED video light is a good size to still be considered portable with very little pieces to muck around with. There are two versions of the 312 LED video light, but all come with 2 Batteries, Battery Charger, a diffusing panel, and hot shoe adapter. Not only a better deal on the total number of LED's compared to the Z96, but throw in the rechargeable batteries (looks like Sony) + charger, the price is looking pretty sweet. It's a very clean professional looking form factor with obvious dimmer knob(s) on the back and a nice battery meter to show you how much power you have left.

find-price-button 312 Dimmable (or Color Changing) LED Video Light, Batteries + Charger included

25 thoughts on “The 312 Dimmable Portable LED Video Light

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Carlos - Practically nothing if you're concerned about tint. They all have some type of tint.

  2. Carlos

    Which good quality battery-powered portable affordable portable panel can be found on eBay?

    By affordable I mean costing less than $100.

    My main concerns about them are brightness and color tint.

    Color tint can be corrected in post if there's no additional lighting on the shot or if it's just red tinted. But if the leds tint is too green then it's difficult to.

  3. Bob

    Guys, there have always been two versions of these lights rather than the bi-color version being old and the 5400k version being new. My advice is to get the bi-color (312AS) if your planning on filming inside and outside and want to be able to control the color temperature perfectly.

    Get the 5400k (312A) if you plan on shooting only outdoors and want more light. Keep in mind that if you end up throwing on the tungsten filter you lose light. With the 312AS that doesn't happen.

  4. Rob

    One advantage to the color changing model is that you can set the color temp in the middle, which uses both color LEDs, and that gives you the full 312 lighting power. Than set your custom white balance to compensate for the mixed light. Obviously, that works best when this panel is your sole lighting source.

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  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Julien - Ring lights provide shadowless lighting, which is often called 'beauty ring' or 'beauty lights'. You can tell ring lighting compared to other lighting, and it also can have an interesting catch light in the eyes. I could have used a different light but it wouldn't have the same brightness output as this Bad Boy...

  8. Julien

    i was wondering, what is the advantage of ring light over a led light like this one? a better diffusion??

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Brent Hardinge - Should be a standard plug, you might be able to get a generic adapter from Radio Shack.

  10. Just got my 312 LED light from eBay. It came directly from Seoul. Still playing with it and haven't used it much as the power adapter for the charger is not the standard USA adapter but a Asian variety. Anyone have any ideas on where I could get a replacement for plug? (other then a converter which I plan to get.)

  11. Brent Hardinge

    Just ordered the only on I could ind on EBay that was not color changing. Looking forward to getting my hands on it. The one I ordered had a Sony-compatable battery listed. I just don't remember the number.

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @Garret - I'm betting it's based on a Sony or Panasonic battery. Definitely right about better diffusion since it's a large panel.

  13. I agree that this looks awesome! Battery powered lights this big aren't easy to come by. That larger light panel will make for a more diffused look than the Z96, etc....

    I'm wondering if a gel could be slipped in with the anti-glare filter. Otherwise, you'd have to probably tape the gel to the front of this, yeah?

    Also, it's unclear from the ebay postings if this uses its own proprietary battery or not (it seems to be, but I didn't notice if it says that it ships with the 2 batteries). I wonder what the battery life would be like? I can go for a few hours of off-on use with the 5xAA Eneloops in my Z96.

    Good find!

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Yiowmade - Color changing drops the LED count to half. You could just get the 160 LED with filter. Im looking for big and bright and i dont mind gels. The 500 LED doesnt come with any filters either. You would buy the 500 if youre looking for big and bright, not just color changing. if you really need color changing, they sell a 1000 LED panel. im looking specifically for an on camera portable video light.

  15. Hi Emm, so you would recommend the non-color changing one over the color changing ones? Does non-color changing LED just comes with diffusion panel? How would you recommend us adjusting the color on these bad boys? cut a giant piece of gel from gel sheet?

  16. Emm

    Post author

    @Michael - 500 LED is great, but not for an on camera light with battery power. sometimes you gotta move around. i have several of the 500's but dont see myself using it as much as my Z96, but then again one Z96 isnt enough sometimes. I'm thinking this 312 might replace my Z96 and be what i need when i cant run with the 500 on camera.

  17. Alksion

    But you can get a 500 LED for cheaper.

    I would probably by a 500 LED and a Z96 and be happier than with just one of these units.

    But then again, more choices is always nice.

  18. Michael

    Cool idea but I think it's still too pricey - especially when you consider the ephoto 500 LED panels now have dimmers on them as an option and with dimmers you can get a 500 version for $270-310 or a non dimmable version for $200-230.

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