48 LED UFO Camping Light Review

Remember this article: http://cheesycam.com/48-led-ufo-camping-ring-light/? Vimeo member RAYPERENIA throws up a 48 LED Camping light video sample and it looks pretty good. Not quite the bluish output I thought it might have, and it actually looks pretty good. Total light output looks strong for a $5 dollar light and the area of coverage looks pretty good too. I asked Ray what white balance setting he had, so hopefully we'll hear back. [Thanks Ray]

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25 thoughts on “48 LED UFO Camping Light Review

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  2. allen

    Since some of these are the nice, white lights and some are the inferior silver lights, being sold in auctions with pictures of the white UFO, it would be nice if someone that received the nicer white lights listed a reliable seller for the superior lights. I'd still like to buy about 10 more of these if I could find a good seller. Anyone?

  3. allen

    There is a much higher quality model of this light then the one you have. I bought some off amazon and paid a dollar or two more, but they are much more durable and the wiring is much better (and they run on 3 batteries instead of 4).
    If you liked it enough to want a replacement that is more durable, check out amazon.

  4. Carlos D

    I bought one and it broke after taking the tiniest of tumbles. That said, it really did get the job done for what I needed (which I'm happy I got to finish like a minute before it broke.)

    It worked like a disposable light for me, but I'm happy to have had it at that moment.

  5. allen

    I received mine today, not at all what the listing offered. Cheap silver and totally scratched up. The inside of it looked very poorly wired and I expect they will blow us as everyone elses have. The white ones I bought off amazon awhile ago are far superior, with these beware ebay Chinese imports.

  6. Jared Foster

    Mine too started smoking after 2 min. These are poorly made. These are a major hazard and warning they may catch fire! I got mine from ebay from seller kailaizdz. BEWARE! I too love cheap chinese products when they work! Avoid!

  7. Digifilmaker

    Watch out! Trying it out, 15 of 48 bulbs don't work all, and there is a concerning Electrical Burn smell when I turn it on. Only 5 bucks, I'm not bummed about the purchase. It's still a helpful little light. Just wanted to give a heads up.

  8. allen

    Have you been happy with your youngnuos? I loved those things at first, but one of them got messed up after only a few uses because the Li-ion battery heat caused the AA batteries to corrode (dont have them in there at the same time) and the other one loses brightness after 10 minutes with any fully charged battery. Both lights are junk after 2 or 3 uses, is that just me?

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  10. Dave

    So I purchased one of these because I thought it would be good for my GoPro... and it is! Works really well.

    I used the gopro tripod mount, the camp light, and a cabinet handle. I just used glue to put everything together so its kind of sketchy but it'll do the job. Next thing to do is to get a nut to glue at the bottom so I can mount it on a tripod.

    heres some pictures of it:

  11. liu

    I bought four of these. They came in today and had a very different design to their listing. Instead of a smooth circle it had flowery edges. The lights are very powerful and i will definitely find a use for these in addition to my four yongnuo 135's.They also have magnets on the back which may be useful for interesting mounting solutions onto surfaces. I will be using them on a documentary in kenya this june but im very happy with them so far, i will be buying 6 more and possibly do some hacking to run them off of small lead acid battery to avoid this problem with their running time. As for the bluish tint, it's not a major issue, just tweak your white balance.

  12. DoJo

    I ordered two (using US sellers only on Ebay) and they work awesome, albeit without the light ring selection, mine are strictly ALL or none. But yeah, no heat issues or anything of the sort, I've had them for about a week now and they work perfect! Sorry if the ones you got messed up. I agree, that's pretty scary ,especially for anyone with kids. There is ALWAYS a risk when getting knockoff hardware ,so always keep that in mind people! Lucky for us, Emm usually takes the jump first =) Lol

  13. JEFF

    ****WARNING ******


    *****SAFETY WARNING *******

    I ordered 3 of these lights because the price was so cheap. They just arrived via mail from Singapore. Upon putting batteries in all three of them, they all began to smoke and they all melted the on/off button. These lights are a fire hazard and have sweat shop shoddy construction. Don't save a few bucks and then burn down your house. I promise I am not trying to plug some other expensive light. I am all about cheap chinese crap at times. This one scared me though. Beware........

  14. It's also worth noting that as your batteries die, these things slowly get dimmer and dimmer. A few hours after you fire them up they have already lost brightness and by the end of a shoot they can be very dim. Since it is gradual, it is easy not to notice till they have greatly dimmed. Just something to be aware of.

  15. I ordered two. when the first led light panels came out they were like 6 inches long and 2 inches wide. I was working on music videos in NY and we loved those things as accent lights.
    We'd stick them under tables to fill in the darkness so it wouldn't look fake on camera. we'd use them as quickie back lights.
    I think these camping lights will be equally as fun.
    Can't wait for my two to show up. 🙂
    Also, a little different shade of color will be great... gotta mix color temperatures. i wish there were red ones, orange ones, and green ones.
    That could be fun.
    Anyone stumble upon cheap LED bits with different colors?

  16. I mean to say "is not going to knock your socks off".
    Also, trying to gel it natural might be tricky, because gels generally cut the brightness and they aren't really THAT bright.

  17. Fabdex: Maybe Em will make it a beautiful natural light in a test, but I don't think this 5 dollar light is really going to knock your socks off if you are hoping for natural and beautiful. It's a pretty harsh, tinted camping light. The selling point is mainly that it is kinda bright.

    Maybe with a bunch of gels you could do something closer to natural, but I think think there there are a million better lights out there trying to be natural. Personally, I really see this as a goto Batman light.

    There are circumstances when there is a lot to be said for tacky. But I mainly make music-videos myself.

  18. I don't know how I feel about all the squeaks from mounting it on the mic. I'm thinking of maybe creating a mount for a hot shoe and using an L-Bracket. What do you think Ray?Emm?

  19. Fabdex

    Hey Allen, I personally don't hate it when people post relevant links. I bought one of those lights (haven't received it yet) and I can't wait to do my own test. Looking at the clip you posted, I have to say that I couldn't judge the quality of the lights based on the way you used them. The image is WAY too warm and the bluish cast the led lights make it pretty... well... bad. Doesn't look natural at all. Reminds me of the cartoony lighting in Batman Forever. Sorry if I sound negative, but I'd like to see the light used in a more naturalistic setting. Maybe Emm will do a nice glamour test for us loyal readers.

  20. I hate when people post links to there own work in comment sections, but it seems practically relevant. I mentioned this in the other thread, but if you are looking for a practical example of these lights as part of a lighting kit, I just shot one a few days ago.


    The lighting array is 2 1000watt florescent lights with light colored gels up high and 2 1000 watt florescent lights with cool-colored gels down low. We have 2 48 LED camping lights shooting through the glass table from below, and they give the actors some beautiful bluish highlights from below. They aren't that awesome on their own for anything practical, but in combination with other lights, they are bright enough to get creative with. I have 2 in my bag and they have been a fun little toy to play with while lighting. Great for little minor highlights in the background behind curtains or against less important corners. How could you not drop 5 bucks on this thing?

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