Latest – 209AS Bi-Color LED Video Light

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This new 209 LED video light is the smaller version of the popular 312 LED video light, but slightly larger than the smallest 144 Bi-Color LED Video Light. It's definitely a welcome size for those who feel the 144 too small and the 312 too big. In fact I ended up purchasing several of the 240 Bi-Color LED lights because I wanted that size and the color adjustable feature.

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This new 209 LED light comes in just a bit higher than the 240, but it does have some additional features the 240 lacks. One popular feature that resembles the Z96 is it's stacking form factor. A few of these panels can build up into a nice larger light source. The second feature is a DC input, which means you can run a variety of external sources and power up for longer run times. You can find the 209 Bi-Color LED Video lights via eBay (found here).

209 bi color led
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11 thoughts on “Latest – 209AS Bi-Color LED Video Light

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @jens - The different model numbers are normally associated with capacity, but they have the same mount. NPF550 is the same mount as an NPF750, but the NPF750 is a much larger battery to last longer.

  2. Lorenzo

    Hi Bob, where do you find that 209as has a cri over 90? I'm searching the best cheap led panel with high cri.. thanks

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @brandon - This is very common on most artificial lights whether it be LED or even CFL bulbs. More LED lights are now coming with a minus green (pink) filter. We didn't notice a strong cast, with our test unit.

  4. brandon

    Hi, I bought this light based on your recommendation and found it exhibits a strong greenish cast at 3200k. 5600k is fine and balances well with daylight. Is this your experience, or perhaps did I get a bad batch?

  5. pat

    Hey Bob, can you do a short video comparison of all 3 lights shining against a wall please? Just want to see how it compares to the Z96 and the 277. Thanks!

  6. Bob

    The 209AS is more powerful than the 277 by a bit. More throw on the 209AS. I like the 209AS because it can mix the color temperature. The 277 is either 3200k OR 5600k. You can't mix on the 277. You can on the 209AS.

  7. Rob

    Bob, how does the 209 compare to the Socanland 277 that you sell? About the same amount of voltage and throw?

  8. Bob


    I own both lights. This new 209AS is considerably brighter than the Z96. The 209AS has higher wattage, at almost 14W compared to 7W on the Z96. Also, the 209AS has more LED's. The 209AS is bi color and is able to use all 209 LED's when even just slightly next to 3200k or 5600k. Even when having the light only on 3200k or 5600k, it has more LED's and still uses the full 14W (to be exact the light is considered to have 14 x 2 Watts). 209AS has a longer throw than the Z96 and also a wider spread. Also, the 209AS has a better build quality. Most importantly it has a CRI over 90 which is unheard of for a light at this cost. Its probably my new go-to light. Perfect size and surprisingly bright. And I didn't have to buy extras since it comes with everything you would need plus a couple other goodies.

    Emm, nice job finding this! I was waiting for this to come out in America. A little too impatient so I had to buy it in Europe for nearly twice the cost! Good work!

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Nicholas - The Z96 is very bright, but this 209 only uses about half the LEDs. This is a Bi-Color LED light and more information on how that works can be seen here: httpss://

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