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This new 209 LED video light is the smaller version of the popular 312 LED video light, but slightly larger than the smallest 144 Bi-Color LED Video Light. It's definitely a welcome size for those who feel the 144 too small and the 312 too big. In fact I ended up purchasing several of the 240 Bi-Color LED lights because I wanted that size and the color adjustable feature.

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This new 209 LED light comes in just a bit higher than the 240, but it does have some additional features the 240 lacks. One popular feature that resembles the Z96 is it's stacking form factor. A few of these panels can build up into a nice larger light source. The second feature is a DC input, which means you can run a variety of external sources and power up for longer run times. You can find the 209 Bi-Color LED Video lights via eBay (found here).

209 bi color led
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