Gini New Follow Focus Review

A video review from Vimeo member Kenrik March about Gini's latest Follow Focus system. Gini no doubt makes some incredible equipment, but in this FF he's relying on what looks like the Huco gearbox (used in many other FF systems). These aren't the highest end gearboxes, so below is an updated video on approximately how much lash (play) there is in the gearbox.

The best deals on Gini rigs are through the auction bundles, so check back often and see what's on the menu. Something new is the same basic setup for the follow focus, but this time he's dropped the marking disc and pointer, and offers this as a way to control the zoom ring. Some rigs that use Telephoto lenses have one FF for the focus ring, and one to zoom in and out smoothly. You can find Gini Auctions on eBay (click here).

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25 thoughts on “Gini New Follow Focus Review

  1. Zelkien

    I had ordered a 1700 series Gini Shoulder rig and received the free follow focus. While it "works", backlash is really noticeable. I took the idea above and ordered the Huco all metal gear box to replace the acetyl. The verdict is while it may be less likely to break, backlash is still as severe, maybe worse. The replacement gearbox i ordered was the 332.31.2 Skip it. Its not worth the $40.
    I will say the rig is great. Holds up well, adjust like any other, and looks slick. Can't go wrong with a Gini rig though the Follow Focus continues to be revised and maybe the new all metal version is better.

  2. Robert

    I've just recently started to put together a video kit and was wondering if this issue with the Gini FF would be resolved by changing the gear box to the all steel unit? Amazon specs for the Huco units only show a difference of 1 degree play between the two models.

  3. Ron

    I just bought a Gini Rig and the actual rig is solid. The follow focus with that play in it is not solid. It also doesn't go on well on one side of the rig. If I mount it on the right side it is easier to set up. I also need to use an alan wrench to adjust sometimes. Which just isn't practical when you are on the go on set. I really can't stand the fact that there is the play in the follow focus. For his stuff being so well built that is just bad craftsmanship on his part. The fact it is so difficult to mount on either side is also poorly thought out.

    Get the rig but the free follow focus if you are in need of critical focus pulling is not the right one to get in my opinion. It will work when I am running and gunning and trying to get focus quickly on the fly. But to try and nail exact marks on the Gini Rig follow focus I think would be complicated because of the play and the set up can also be a bit tricky depending on what side you want to put your follow focus.

  4. Arturo

    It's a pity the sound in those videos is so poor. I kept thinking about it as I was watching, which is not what you want.

  5. I agree with Wade and Emm, GINI rigs are solid quality stuff. I love the rigs so much that I ordered 3 different rigs in various combinations. The extra parts allows me to create almost any rig I want. You can visit my blog to see the different rigs I can construct if you have many parts.

    If you speak Korean or can type in Korean, I guess you will probably get a better response. I remember translating my English message to Korean on Google Translate to tell GINI to ship 2 orders of a particular rig to a separate addresses and they complied.

  6. Wade

    I have the Gini rig counterweight on my rig, and I must say it is on the light side. I wish I had two of them on the rig. You are better off making your own from a scooba weight belt & a rail block.

    My biggest complaint with Gini is that be blatantly breaks the eBay policies with his auctions. If there are less than 2 bidders on the auction in the last day, he cancels the auction claiming the "Item was sold" then he relists the item again trying to drive prices up. He did this two me 4 auctions in a row and had me extremely frustrated. I finally signed up for an auction sniping service in order to win the auction 5 seconds before it expired because he thought there were no bidders.

    That being said, I love my rig & the Gini Products are extremely solid construction. The gearbox on the Follow Focus is a little bulky, and does not have a reversible gear, but that's my only complaint with the rig. The seller (once you actually win an item) is amazing at giving you free stuff and upgrades, swapping out parts, etc.

    I highly recommend Gini Rigs.

  7. ah

    Has anyone tried the higher quality gear box with the FF? My Gini FF BROKE as i was testing it for the FIRST time! Think I need to replace the whole gearbox.

  8. Kenrik


    I don't know as my rig does not have the counterweight. I have been keeping an eye out for an inexpensive one of his counterweights but the cheapest I have seen him list them on their own was $110... Way to high.

    One of these days I'll pick up a second rig just for parts as it is usually much cheaper to just buy a bundle then try and get them on their own.

    You can pick this weight up for $57

    I have been kind of holding out for a Gini one though as I love the quality of his stuff.

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Mel - I'm not sure where you're having problems. Everyone knows that Gini doesn't communicate well, but it's very obvious what you're going to get. You look at the auction and you bid. You get it super fast in a few days. Not a single person ever argues about the quality of the parts, it's super super professionally built, literally flawless.

    He's not the type of seller who you can ask questions to. You just look at his auction and bid for one. Your best bet is to ask questions about Gini parts in forums where literally hundreds or thousands of people are using it. If you need someone to discuss what you're trying to achieve, check out Express35.

  10. Mel

    I would completely stay away from any Gini products. I have had nothing but headaches from the owner. His communication skills are abominable and you never know what you are getting from him.


  11. Matthew

    Thanks for the responses. I will keep watching for a good a deal.

    What are your thoughts on the counterweight Gini offers? I know Emm posted about scuba weights as an alternative. I'm wondering if it really balances the rig properly. If not I don't see it being worth the extra weight.

  12. jarrett

    @wade, same problem here
    @kenrik, going to try this out, my gears are the flexible ones
    @matthew, my rig was $275 shipped. its all about the timing. my rig is the same as kenrik's minus the top handle and top railset. I bought it a month ago. The quality is really top notch.

  13. Wade

    Great quality Follow focus. I have it. There's about a half inch of play in my gearbox & that is brand new.

    What sucks, is this follow focus is USELESS if you use shorter lenses like the Canon 50mm 1.8f. 🙁 "crys". The gearbox hits the camera box so you cannot line up the gears. ANd I've disassembled the entire follow focus trying to turn the gearbox around, and you can't.

  14. I'm 6'3" and it fits me fine, The cameras LCD is about 3 inches from your face so you really get a close up view. If you have a monitor or you want to use a Matte Box you will need longer rods so you have enough room.

    I have this Rig:

    I was able to purchase a 6ft 15mm aluminum rod from McMaster Carr for $15

    You can cut it and make yourself long rods for dirt cheap, a bit of aluminum polish and you should be set.

    The shoulder pad it comes with is kind of firm, he also included a thicker softer pad in the box labeled "Gift" I would not use the second pad unless you have a weight though because I don't think it would be as stable.

    The quality of the Gini Rig is amazing it is worth every penny extra you will pay. As far as the gearbox goes if you have issues (it breaks) you can always replace it with the higher quality metal gear HUCO from Amazon.

  15. Matthew

    I have been waiting for a review on this. After watching the Gini auctions for awhile now it seems like the units with follow focuses are generally the best deal. Although, it's unfortunate they no longer offer free shipping.

    It looks like you have one of the newer and seemingly smaller rigs. I'm 6'4" and wonder if these would fit me right. Is it comfortable for you? How about those new shoulder pads? I read the original shoulder pads were not so great.

    A set of Fotga rods with baseplate and the RJ or Fotga follow focus would be around $250. For the functionality and aesthetics of a Gini rig you pay nearly double. If the follow focus will need to be replaced then it's definitely not worth the cost. It's funny that if the RJ and Fotga gear didn't have those blue accents I would be all over it. None of my other equipment has blue. I guess they are copying the Redrock gear.

  16. jarrett

    Yes, my shoulder rig with one grip, offset, 2 sets of rails, shoulder pad with 3 pads, and follow focus rig was $275. If only i could find a second handle! Built like a tank, well, like a snooty german or swedish tank.

  17. Kenrik

    @Sabastian Kubatz

    He was selling these same rigs at about the same prices before he started including the follow focus for free. You have to remember the $474 (shipped) I paid included the Rig AND Follow Focus.

    I have seen a few of these follow focuses go for under $100 shipped.. making it one of the least expensive options out there.

    I had gotten a monitor arm from him for only $44 shipped before! If you pay attention to Gini's auctions you can get some real steals sometimes.

  18. Dave Dueck

    Looks very nice, but my IndiFocusZOOM continues to blow my mind. It works incredibly well and is also coincidentally the cheapest option out there for FF at $99. I can't see aesthetics and maybe a marginal increase in smoothness/backlash being worth another couple hundred bucks to me.

  19. jarrett

    I have one of these for my nex5n. Its a quality unit, but due to my lack of knowledge of setting up the rig, my focus unit continually comes loose from the cinevate ring on the lens. I dont have any issue with the gearbox, however, and it seems to work fine, when it works. Its quite frustrating, since the rig and ff parts are all so incredibly well made.

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