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A video review from Vimeo member Kenrik March about Gini's latest Follow Focus system. Gini no doubt makes some incredible equipment, but in this FF he's relying on what looks like the Huco gearbox (used in many other FF systems). These aren't the highest end gearboxes, so below is an updated video on approximately how much lash (play) there is in the gearbox.

The best deals on Gini rigs are through the auction bundles, so check back often and see what's on the menu. Something new is the same basic setup for the follow focus, but this time he's dropped the marking disc and pointer, and offers this as a way to control the zoom ring. Some rigs that use Telephoto lenses have one FF for the focus ring, and one to zoom in and out smoothly. You can find Gini Auctions on eBay (click here).

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