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Previously the only LED Ring light available on eBay and Amazon was the 352 LED Ring light (as seen here). The 352 is a very bright light with good diffusion, but only dims down to about 40-50 percent. Basically, it's always pretty bright so it could be offensive when used directly towards a subject in low lighting - i.e. Weddings.

352-LED-ring-light352 LED Ring Lighting
find-price-button PRO 352 LED Studio Video Ring Light

Now the Falcon Eyes 240 LED ring light is available on eBay. Of course a bit cheaper than the 352 with it's smaller size, but it does come with a few extra items the 352 doesn't have. First off the 240 looks like it has a better mounting bracket. I threw the 352 bracket away, it was pretty useless. It also looks like a much better form factor and casing than the 352. The 240 also comes with a tungsten colored filter, a battery pack which can be powered with (12) AA batteries OR (2) Sony NP-F750 camcorder batteries, and a travel bag.

240 LED battery pack240 led ring light240 ring light led bag

I know this light has been around for a while, but this is the first time i've seen it on eBay. I can't seem to locate any reviews to see how well it dims down. If you've got some information on this light leave some comments. You can find the new 240 LED ring light available here.

Falconeyes 240 LED Ring light240 LED Video light
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A new LED Ring light becomes available. This one looks like the same build as the 352 LED Ring light that I've been using, except the count on this comes to 360 LEDs. I've heard rumors about a new improved version that was being developed, but I can't say if this one is it. It sure does look like the same bracket in the additional photos. This one is powered the same via 12V AC adapter or an optional 12V battery similar to the 352. There's a few other listed specs for the 360 that are better than the 352 including dimmable down to 0% and about $70 dollars cheaper. Now time to hunt down a video review..

find-price-button 360 LED DSLR Video Ring Light w/ Battery

Here's the other 352 LED Ring light Version (below).
find-price-button 352 12V Capable Dimmable LED Ring Light


The 352 LED Ring light has a certain effect on how it throws light around a subject, so my buddy Dave decided to test it with a Photo Shoot. I removed the ugly bracket and just used a Friction Power Arm. With the Power arm, it can be mounted onto a light stand or to a camera hot shoe and also allows it to be positioned in many ways.

find-price-button Adjustable Accessory Power Friction Arm

The Ring light really needed to be dimmed, it's just too bright at full power, so there's still plenty of power not shown in the video. The 14.4V DIY battery pack I made lasted for hours, and I could have used the Ryobi batteries too. The rim light to separate the subject was the cheap 500 LED (dimmable knob type) Light panel hung from a beam. To add the halo, there's a Nikon speedlite snooted off to the side. To do this, you can also use these HoneyComb Grids.
find-price-button Harbor Honeycomb Spot Grid with Colored Gels

All images of the model were shot with Continuous light, even the Canon 7D video used only the light from the 352 Ring light (and 500 LED from the back). The 352 LED Ring light is definitely a great tool and with the battery pack makes it much more usable, pretty cool stuff.

find-price-button 500 LED Video Light Panel Dimmable

find-price-button 352 12V Capable Dimmable LED Ring Light