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Previously the only LED Ring light available on eBay and Amazon was the 352 LED Ring light (as seen here). The 352 is a very bright light with good diffusion, but only dims down to about 40-50 percent. Basically, it's always pretty bright so it could be offensive when used directly towards a subject in low lighting - i.e. Weddings.

352-LED-ring-light352 LED Ring Lighting
find-price-button PRO 352 LED Studio Video Ring Light

Now the Falcon Eyes 240 LED ring light is available on eBay. Of course a bit cheaper than the 352 with it's smaller size, but it does come with a few extra items the 352 doesn't have. First off the 240 looks like it has a better mounting bracket. I threw the 352 bracket away, it was pretty useless. It also looks like a much better form factor and casing than the 352. The 240 also comes with a tungsten colored filter, a battery pack which can be powered with (12) AA batteries OR (2) Sony NP-F750 camcorder batteries, and a travel bag.

240 LED battery pack240 led ring light240 ring light led bag

I know this light has been around for a while, but this is the first time i've seen it on eBay. I can't seem to locate any reviews to see how well it dims down. If you've got some information on this light leave some comments. You can find the new 240 LED ring light available here.

Falconeyes 240 LED Ring light240 LED Video light
find-price-button FalconEyes 240 LED Ring Continuous Video Light