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Previously the only LED Ring light available on eBay and Amazon was the 352 LED Ring light (as seen here). The 352 is a very bright light with good diffusion, but only dims down to about 40-50 percent. Basically, it's always pretty bright so it could be offensive when used directly towards a subject in low lighting - i.e. Weddings.

352-LED-ring-light352 LED Ring Lighting
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Now the Falcon Eyes 240 LED ring light is available on eBay. Of course a bit cheaper than the 352 with it's smaller size, but it does come with a few extra items the 352 doesn't have. First off the 240 looks like it has a better mounting bracket. I threw the 352 bracket away, it was pretty useless. It also looks like a much better form factor and casing than the 352. The 240 also comes with a tungsten colored filter, a battery pack which can be powered with (12) AA batteries OR (2) Sony NP-F750 camcorder batteries, and a travel bag.

240 LED battery pack240 led ring light240 ring light led bag

I know this light has been around for a while, but this is the first time i've seen it on eBay. I can't seem to locate any reviews to see how well it dims down. If you've got some information on this light leave some comments. You can find the new 240 LED ring light available here.

Falconeyes 240 LED Ring light240 LED Video light
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Radio shack has a few adapters, but nothing as nice as these cheap little end terminals. This one is the correct size to fit most of your camera accessories with a 5.5mm OD and 2.5mm ID barrel. You can use this to make a cable to power up your Z96 LED lights, 312 LEDs, 600/900 LED Light Panels, and the list goes on and on. If you want to see an example of this cool little battery pack in action (click here).

Not long ago Luca did a test, and this battery should run the 352 LED ring light for at approx. 1.5 hours in full power. These batteries are cheap and you can get multiple ones if you need to swap. For these little end plugs, there's clear markings to show positive and negative (posi-in) and does not require any soldering. Grab two wires, strip the ends, and tighten up the screws. Make your cables as long or as short as you need.

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Not long ago I showed off some portable 12V / 5V USB battery packs that were able to power a variety of camera accessories. These battery packs worked so great, I picked up a few more, and there's always one in my backpack (in case my cell phone runs low). YouTube member LucaFurgiuele runs a time test powering up the 352 LED Ring light at Full Power.

It's not often you'll use a light like this on full power the entire time, but these batteries were still able to push about 85 minutes of run time. Definitely not a bad deal for these versatile little packs. You can find some additional information about the batteries in my old post here. [Thanks Luca]

12V DC Battery PackScreen shot 2011-07-07 at 11.19.55 AM
find-price-button CCTV 12V DC Rechargeable Li-iON w/ 5V DC USB Port

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Arri Alexa 352 LED RING LITE

Arri Alexa LED RING LIGHT screen shot

Gustavo from www.o2lighting.com writes in and provides a few BTS images of the 352 LED Ring Light on an Arri Alexa! That's one fancy camera, and i'm glad to see this thing in use by these guys. It definitely is a kick-ass ENG Light. Traditionally most people want to use this light by putting the lens through the center, but it can also be mounted as a top light or off to the sides with a light stand. [Thanks Gustavo]

I used my 352 LED Ring light with my lens through the center when working on a Steadicam setup mainly to try to keep things balanced. When the light is used off camera this LED Ring throws a very soft even diffused light that can be still be controlled via Dimmer. I have to say that the bracket that comes with the item pretty much sucks. The unit itself is awesome and very very lightweight. I removed the brackets from my unit and just used a Friction Power Arm to the hot shoe of my DSLR. You might have caught that in my video here: http://cheesycam.com/last-minute-glidecam-mods/

find-price-button 352 LED Ring Light with 12V AC Adapter


[Video and Audio are terrible. Shot with a cheap Point and Shoot]

Not sure if the post shows up, but it's about 1:00 a.m. (in the morning). I received a super last minute call to help out with some Glidecam work on an event. So I decided to hack something up which I think would be helpful. When flying on this Glidecam i'm closing down the aperture to keep things in focus. This means less light. So I decided to mod a few RC batteries together to power up the 352 LED Ring Light. It's bright, it's well diffused, and it's dimmable. It's the perfect light source for what i'm trying to achieve during this event. [BTW the light at the end of this video is turned all the way down - it gets brighter!]

In order to mount the large 352 LED Ring light, I needed to raise up the 60D with a battery grip and then place it on top of a Calumet quick release adapter. A few flexible power arms kept the LED Ring light mounted and also the Rode VideoMic Pro in place. With the 60D Manual Audio + Rode VideoMic Pro +20db, it sounds really good. Anyways, this rig might be overkill so I also balanced out my 7D on the Glidecam HD1000 for times I don't need lighting or audio. Ok, time to nap. Could be a long day...

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I can't believe how much talk is going on just on LED lighting. In any case, just to throw in more confusion, here's a quick snapshot of what I'm going to put together as my own test. For this, i've hired a Jedi Master. Aside from the 500 LED video light panel, these smaller LED lights aren't typically used for 3 point lighting setups (although I believe they can work for small setups). The 500 LED is in there as my baseline of light quality since it's become so popular and you'll get to see how much these tiny lights compete to the larger level.

So my test will just be flat on, lighting at about eye level, with the subject about 2ft. from a backdrop. This is typically what you would do if you're mounting these small lights to the hot shoe of your camera. This will be a basic test just to see what the diffusion is like from a subject and the differences in color temperature. Unfortunately i'm guessing my subject may have a slightly green tint (sshh..he's quite sensitive about this matter), you'll be able to tell from the white backdrop. Anyways, it's a one man show in here, so i'll try to get this going...

Also not shown in the image, I might throw in the 183 LED light into the mix. By the way, I haven't had time to blog it, but i'm also throwing in the 352 LED Ring Light (second from left). Not much has been said about this light on the Internet, it's quite expensive, but it should be an exciting test to throw in to compare what a ring light can really do.