Portable 12V / 5V USB Battery Pack Test w/ 352 LED Ring Light

Not long ago I showed off some portable 12V / 5V USB battery packs that were able to power a variety of camera accessories. These battery packs worked so great, I picked up a few more, and there's always one in my backpack (in case my cell phone runs low). YouTube member LucaFurgiuele runs a time test powering up the 352 LED Ring light at Full Power.

It's not often you'll use a light like this on full power the entire time, but these batteries were still able to push about 85 minutes of run time. Definitely not a bad deal for these versatile little packs. You can find some additional information about the batteries in my old post here. [Thanks Luca]

12V DC Battery PackScreen shot 2011-07-07 at 11.19.55 AM
find-price-button CCTV 12V DC Rechargeable Li-iON w/ 5V DC USB Port

find-price-button 352 LED Ring Light with 12V AC Adapter

8 thoughts on “Portable 12V / 5V USB Battery Pack Test w/ 352 LED Ring Light

  1. the batterypacks are very usefull for all different things but you might not want to open them. the build reflex the price. thin cables paper in the leftover spaces.

    i closed them fast and consider not thinking about this again.

  2. jane s

    Can you use this battery to power the canon 5d with the use of a dummy canon accu connected to it? Still hesistating to do this ......afraid to blow up my camera.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Julien - From the battery I have, I need to have the switch 'ON' to make it charge. I thought my battery was bad after charging it all night, but it was because I didn't have the switched turned on. Once I turned the switch to the ON position and then charged it, they have all been working great.

  4. julien

    hi Emm, i bought a battery 12v on ebay which look like this one you talk about but mine is blue. But i have 2 led light on my charger: one Red and one Green. when i turn on the battery the green light and the red light are on, and when i turn off my battery, the red light is on and the green is off. My question is that i don't know how if i must recharge my battery with the battery switch on or switch off.

    i don't if you understood what i said, i'm from Belgium, i don't speak english very good.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @getem - It's pretty bright, but does not dim down to 0%. At the lowest setting it's still pretty bright, so it's not super discreet and could be a distraction. Other than that it's a great light.

  6. getem


    How does this light compare to the z96? Is it as bright and comparable ?

    I mostly shoot Music Videos so IM generally no more than 5-10' max from My subject.

    Really interested in purchasing this


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