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Meking has some new inexpensive LED video light panels, and from the listing it states it can be switched to power through 110V or 220V. It's dimmable with barn doors, and if you've got the juice, you can go portable with the available port for 24V DC. Starting at around $230 dollars, these seem to be fairly new stuff on the cheaper side, and does not resemble the typical 600, 900, or 1200 LED panels i'm using. Typically on Amazon the 600 LED light panel i'm using can run about $350 dollars (see it here on Amazon). As pointed out by Adam, if you're looking for the same 600s i'm using, there's a few good deals on eBay where you can get (2) 600 LED Video Light Panels + Light Stands for about $518
2-600-led-lights(click here)

Not quite sure what's mounted to the back of the Meking LED units, but I don't think it's a battery. They say they have a 15% sale for another three days, but could all be marketing. Find more info on these LED video lights at the Meking store (click here).

find-price-button Meking Pro 500 600 900 1000 1200 LED Video Light Panels


As pointed out in the comments, the original 500 LED video light panels prices have been reduced since it's first inception. Of course, it's because the new style 600, 900, and 1200 LED panels are out. For the new lower prices you could almost get two 500's as opposed to one 600 LED light panel. The older 500 LED panels are still great lights to use, but they do weigh a bit more than the newer 600 LED panel and also don't offer a battery mount. Two different versions of these 500's are available with a true Dimmer knob, and one dimmable through 4 power switches.

find-price-button Dimmable Knob 500 LED Light Panel

find-price-button 500 LED light Panel 4 Bank


Sure there's a ton of posts on this blog all about cheap gear, but it's been hard for me to show them in use. (Sorry guys, if you only knew what I do outside of this blog.) But i'm trying harder to do better, and you probably noticed that i've been working more closely with some friends to show more of how these things work out and samples of what can be achieved. Here's another piece put together by the guys to showcase how adding small lights can set the mood or tone in a scene. This small little sample piece is called 'The Boss'.

A single 500 LED Video Light Panel was set for the rim light behind 'The Boss', a Z96 was taped into a cheap reflector to throw the cliche downward spotlight, and a few Z96's were adding rim lights to the victim. Why not use all the latest LED panels that I just purchased? Well that's a different set of lights for about twice the budget. These will work just fine for someone looking to get into basic LED Video Lights. There will be another video piece shot with the new 900 LED panels that I have pretty soon, hang tight. For now, I thought it would be a good way to show that these lights are still great products including the little Z96 LED lights. The 1000 LED Video Light was used outdoors to add light through small windows on the garage, and then mainly for the scene in the end to purposely cast shadows.

find-price-button 500 LED video light panel

find-price-button Z96 Dimmable LED Video Lights

find-price-button 1000 LED dimmable Video Light Panel


The 352 LED Ring light has a certain effect on how it throws light around a subject, so my buddy Dave decided to test it with a Photo Shoot. I removed the ugly bracket and just used a Friction Power Arm. With the Power arm, it can be mounted onto a light stand or to a camera hot shoe and also allows it to be positioned in many ways.

find-price-button Adjustable Accessory Power Friction Arm

The Ring light really needed to be dimmed, it's just too bright at full power, so there's still plenty of power not shown in the video. The 14.4V DIY battery pack I made lasted for hours, and I could have used the Ryobi batteries too. The rim light to separate the subject was the cheap 500 LED (dimmable knob type) Light panel hung from a beam. To add the halo, there's a Nikon speedlite snooted off to the side. To do this, you can also use these HoneyComb Grids.
find-price-button Harbor Honeycomb Spot Grid with Colored Gels

All images of the model were shot with Continuous light, even the Canon 7D video used only the light from the 352 Ring light (and 500 LED from the back). The 352 LED Ring light is definitely a great tool and with the battery pack makes it much more usable, pretty cool stuff.

find-price-button 500 LED Video Light Panel Dimmable

find-price-button 352 12V Capable Dimmable LED Ring Light


Since I mentioned I had the 352 LED Ring light, I've had a few questions about it. So before walking out the door I took a few pics of what diffusion would look like with the LED ring light and compared it against the popular Z96 LED. This is not a test of color temperature, this is just a test on diffusion of the ring light. Settings on the camera were at 1/80th F/4 ISO 640. Keeping these settings, you can see how much more or less light there is compared to each other.

As a standard I first started out with the Z96 about 3 feet away from the subject. The subject (Yoda) was about 3ft. away from the white background. You can see the coverage of the light in the full image. In the closeup photo, you can see how much shadow the light casts along with how much diffusion there is around the face.



Next is the 352 LED Ring light. I have this light powered up from my 12v battery that came with the 183 LED light. Besides outputting much brighter light, you can see how much more area of coverage this light has over the Z96. The light is also very well diffused around the face with soft shadows that wrap around the subject.



So how well does this light work? It works great, but it requires an AC outlet or 12V battery pack. Even though this ring light is dimmable, it's a very bright source of light that might be uncomfortable for your subject to stare at directly. If you're not working with people then it's a great LED ring that provides very soft even lighting. So to be fair, this should be considered more of an option to the 500 LED panel over an on-camera LED light (even though it can be an on-camera light).

The light itself is extremely light-weight made mostly of plastic. There is an OFF/ON switch as well as a dimmer knob. There are no filters provided with this ring light. If it's too bright for your subject, you could put it off to the side with a light stand. Carry a few and it can serve as a portable lighting kit great for traveling interviews. The options already built in to run on AC power or through a 12V power source make it more flexible than a 500 LED without added cost (batteries not included). This would easily run on a portable jumper battery with built in Cigarette lighter adapter (like the one I have). Long lasting 12V rechargeables are easy to come by. You can even use the batteries from 'Power Wheels' kids electric cars found at Toys-R-Us.

Considering the price. The 352 LED Ring light is about the same price as the popular 500 LED panels. The Ring light also cannot produce the same amount of brightness as the 500 LED panel, but if weight and size is a concern, this Ring Light cuts that inconvenience down to half. Besides being smaller and lighter than a 500 LED, it can be mounted with your camera for mobile use (something you can't do with a 500 LED). Price might seem high when comparing LED count, but for some traveling types it might justify the cost. You can pack several of these into Airplane carry on luggage as opposed to one single 500 LED light panel.


find-price-button 352 LED Ring Light with 12V input AC Adapter for Video


Well they've been available for a while, and it seems like the shortage has been cleared up. More LED Video light panels are available again. Just noticed there are a few auctions thrown up starting at $0.01 US. Yeah that's a penny, but you need to account for the $20 dollar shipping. Never know what you can walk away with, if you're dying for an LED Video panel.

find-price-button 500 LED Video Light Panels


I talked about these lights a long time ago found in the article: http://cheesycam.com/latest-led-video-lights-for-dslr-video/

Since that first article, these lights have made their way around the world and in different projects. Yet to this day I get asked several questions about posting up a sample of power output and sample videos of them in use. I had a bit of free time, and a walk-in volunteer today so I thought I'd put this together real quick for you guys. (Thanks sister-in-law). There's no style in the lighting setup, I just threw them up very quickly. This video is mainly just to show you how much power these things are capable of along with the quality of light. The main camera was set to the Daylight White Balance setting with no color correction in post. Hopefully that should give you an idea about how close they are to daylight temperature. The camera was set to ISO 250 with the lights at 1/4 power. DSLR's can provide clean images even up to ISO 1600 and with 3/4 of power to spare they should be able to cover most of your small projects. You can also tell how whisper quiet these units are. Don't be fooled by other versions that include some type of internal fan, that will ruin your audio (if you ever decide to use the audio).

500LED (2 of 4)
Relative size next to Canon 5D Mark II

In the rear I have a 500 LED light camera left on Full Power. In the front, I would normally have a main and fill light setup, but they are both on only 1/4 power. You could probably just setup one light to the side, and use a simple bounce as a fill on the other. I'm also including a few images that were shot by just lighting the product with the 500 LED panel. I have it next to a Canon 5D Mark II to compare the relative size. It's very small, built with a solid housing, and makes it perfect for travel. These lights also stay super cool with ZERO heat so your subject doesn't start to sweat. If you have any other questions about these super cheap LED light panels, just drop a comment.

500LED (1 of 4)

There's many versions of these types of lights online which look similar. Some come with a fan which you don't want when doing Video shoots. Those fan units are very loud and I don't think are needed in LED lighting. Others units being sold may also be a slightly different build quality. I have not had the chance to use some of the other units out there, but I can tell you that I'm happy with the ones that i'm using here. There's 500 LEDs, 1000 LEDs, 500 Dimmable, 1000 Dimmable, 1000 Color Temp Changing Dimmable, sold in kits with several lights, and a few more options. These particular light panels come from the ePhoto seller found here: Portable Cool LED video Light Panel Solutions

500LED (3 of 4)
find-price-button Studio Continuous LED Video Light Panels on eBay

They are also available via Amazon
500LED (4 of 4)
find-price-button 500 and 1000 Continuous LED Video Lighting Panels on Amazon

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Benton from BentonCollins.com commented on this article I posted http://cheesycam.com/latest-led-video-lights-for-dslr-video/, stating that he is currently using these very same 500 LED light panels outdoors for 10 new Head & Shoulder commercial shoots. I was really interested in his setup, so he sent in a link to the image above. If you took a peek at Benton's website you'll see some real credibility that this guy really knows his lighting. Wow, that's a really cool lightweight setup there for a location shoot both in lighting and audio. If you look closely, the 500 LED panel is mounted to the same Tripod as the camera, and then some clever arm is holding the shotgun microphone. You can see how far the 500 LED panel is from where the subject would stand proving to still be effective at that range, and there's an added reflector for some additional fill. The 500 LED panel looks like it's powered by a Paul Buff Vagabond power pack. Very cool setup, and glad someone can help 'shed some light' (no pun intended) on how 'cool' (as in temperature and as in trend like) these LED light panels are for both indoor and outdoor use. Thanks Benton can't wait to see more BTS and the final video when it's released.

Might be of interest, not sure if it's any good.


Ok, another product that's not out on YouTube or Vimeo. Nobody's got reviews on these items, why not? They just make sooo much sense. Lighting has always been an issue whenever we traveled. Halogen bulbs can break by the time your plane lands, and you're pretty much stuck. Hot bulbs are always uncomfortable to work with. Breaking down hot bulbs is a pain in the a$$. So of course the only real option is LED lighting. You've seen these panels before i'm sure, but here's the only video I know that shows what they look like.

You gotta love how fast products are duplicated and how fast pricing comes down with technology. These video light panels normally run from $800 dollars on up from other manufacturers. The LitePanels 1x1 is a great light, but that runs well over $1,800 dollars +. Totally not in my budget. Now this company on Amazon sells these video lights starting as low as $200.00 dollars. That I can afford. The closest thing on the market to these types of lights are those made by FloLight, which run a little more than twice the price.

FloLight 1000 LED Panel (Twice the Price)

After researching different models of this type of LED light panel, I settled for the lights from the Amazon links below since the seller is using Amazon fullfillment services for two of the items. This means these items are sitting in the Amazon warehouse for super fast shipping. The latest model with the Dimmer is coming directly from the retailer, possibly because it's a new product that just hit the Internet recently. Ok let's show some lights::

500 LED Video Light (no Dimmer) 500 LED Video Light (with Dimmer) - I like this one. 1000 LED Video Light Panel (no dimmer option)

I was able to locate this listing. This might be a mistake, but it looks to be the exact same 500 LED light (no dimmer), but this listing comes with a LightStand. Saving you at least an extra $20 bucks.

Wait, they just snuck in another combo deal - more savings. This one shaves a few bucks for buying two + they added light stands.

This is another LED Video light panel (below) that uses a different type of LED. The design on this LED I believe allows for a further 'throw' if your subject is further away.

56x 1watt LED