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Good news and slightly not so good news for those seeking the new CN600SA LED Video Light Panels and need to have it shipped pretty quick. Previously the new version of these light panels were only available from overseas with long shipping times via eBay. For more information about these lights, check out an earlier review (found here).

Today they are available through Amazon (seen here), ships quick from USA, and currently at a sale price that's cheaper than the overseas seller. The not so good news is that the Amazon sale, does not provide the Wireless Remote dimmer that is optional for these lights. Check it out following the link (Click Here).

CN600SA LED Video LightLED 600 Video Light Lite Panel
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Contrary to the belief, i'm a victim of my own blog too. I posted about this particular Tekkeon Battery pack and how it can supply proper 14V to the 600 or 900 LED light panels. In fact, we were using a 900 LED video light with this battery pack outdoors this past Friday as fill light to balance our exposure. Way cheaper than a V-Mount battery solution and great for powering up other devices from 5V-19V. (Old video post below)

Once I decided how well these have been working out on our location shoots, I wanted to purchase more. Unfortunately it quickly went into 'backordered' status for the last two months!! Now everyday i've been peeking and poking around trying to locate more, so I can run the other large LED lights on battery power. Now that they are finally back in stock, I learned my lesson, and was smart enough this time around to purchase a few more before posting up here. I test out gear all the time, and these are hands down the best battery solution for these large LED lights for the price. Hopefully you guys get the chance to try it before it's on backorder status again.

The battery is good to travel with and charge your cell phones with the USB port, charge your iPads, GoPro Cameras, power up LCD monitors, on Camera lights, etc. There are many versions of the Tekkeon battery, and I purchased the 3450i specifically because of the features it offers. I believe the 'i' stands for 'industrial grade'. The best price I could find online was over at B&H (click here).

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As pointed out in the comments, the original 500 LED video light panels prices have been reduced since it's first inception. Of course, it's because the new style 600, 900, and 1200 LED panels are out. For the new lower prices you could almost get two 500's as opposed to one 600 LED light panel. The older 500 LED panels are still great lights to use, but they do weigh a bit more than the newer 600 LED panel and also don't offer a battery mount. Two different versions of these 500's are available with a true Dimmer knob, and one dimmable through 4 power switches.

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