500 LED Video light Panel

As pointed out in the comments, the original 500 LED video light panels prices have been reduced since it's first inception. Of course, it's because the new style 600, 900, and 1200 LED panels are out. For the new lower prices you could almost get two 500's as opposed to one 600 LED light panel. The older 500 LED panels are still great lights to use, but they do weigh a bit more than the newer 600 LED panel and also don't offer a battery mount. Two different versions of these 500's are available with a true Dimmer knob, and one dimmable through 4 power switches.

find-price-button Dimmable Knob 500 LED Light Panel

find-price-button 500 LED light Panel 4 Bank

11 thoughts on “500 LED Video light Panel

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  2. now that the pricing dropped I picked up my first 500 LED. I loooove it. lots of power, super convienant to plug in as opposed to having sony batteries galor.
    the only thing is the head it came up doesn't let me tilt it up. which sucks if I want to bounce it off a ceiling or white board.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Tony Maceo - They aren't exactly the same, but they can be used together. Before the 600,900,and 1200s were out these 500s were used on many many projects. Just because they aren't the best anymore, doesn't mean they aren't any good. Especially since pricing has dropped.

  4. Tony Maceo

    Hey emm...what's your take on these 500LED? Of course they're not gonna put out the power of the 600s, but if one is looking to build up a multi-light set over time. For instance, get a pair of 500 now...then when budget allows, get some 600 or 900. Do the color temps match? Thanks

  5. getem

    I think the problem is that these lights do not put out enough power. The z96 led light is such a beast, but I know these 500 Led lights are not the same quality

  6. blackroom

    hi emm,
    what Ebay reseller do u recommend for north america?
    also could u recommend a decent power adapter for the Z96?
    lastly, do these 500 led's work well color wise with the z96's?
    thanks man u are the best info resource!

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