J.G. DIY Cinemover Ladder Dolly


J.G. Pasterjak's DIY ladder dolly a.k.a Cinemover is a solid little track dolly. The adjustable width makes it easy to find a variety of different tracks from straight lumber, square tubing, or round rods. Using heavy duty steel perforated square tubing as the chassis and skate wheels / bearings makes for a smooth ride. [Thanks J.G.] Still a hand made DIY (not mass produced), so quantities are limited, and you can check out details if you want to make one yourself. If you're not into building or buying, maybe winning a contest might be up your alley. There's a few RTG (ready to go) versions and other information available on the eBay listing following the link (click here).

find-price-button Cinemover Adjustable Width DSLR Video Ladder Dolly

13 thoughts on “J.G. DIY Cinemover Ladder Dolly

  1. Hey just wanted to let everyone know this thing is great! Build quality is awesome, smooth as butter, & love how it's adjustable. Plus J.G. got back to me the same day (even on a Sunday!). Definitely worth picking one up. Can't wait to use it more!

    THANKS J.G.!

  2. Thanks Jarrett!

    Just came in from the garage where I assembled a whole mess of chassis. The muscle memory for the assembly is starting to lock in pretty well. A bunch of folks will be getting their orders today, and a whole bunch more will be getting theirs on Wednesday. After that, I'm waiting for wheels, but they're supposed to be here on Thursday, which means the next batch goes out Friday, with maybe a few stragglers waiting until Saturday.

    Some great feedback so far, too. Thanks everyone.

  3. jarrett towe

    Just got mine...its buttery smooth on the motion. I put one of those ebay trigger lock ball head mounts on it and its quite heavy duty! Fantastic quality, and I ordered on Friday and got it on Monday! Thanks, J.G.!

  4. Thanks Paul!

    Yours is by the front door with a whole mess more. Our mail lady is NOT going to be happy tomorrow and Saturday.

    Actually, most folks that ordered today will have their dollies shipped by Saturday. A few might carry over to Monday, since I'm expecting a delivery of some stuff I'm running low on Saturday and I don't know if I'll be able to turn those few around the same day. In any case, the big variable is hurricane Emily. Paint dries poorly when the rain is going sideways at 70mph.

    But, yeah, after a busy night in the garage, I'm keeping up pretty well. I look forward to seeing the cool stuff everyone's doing. And I apologize if I missed an email here or there. It's been little nuts getting all these ready and trying to do my actual job, too. Sure has been fun, though.

  5. I ordered one direct via email. J.G. Pasterjak replied the same day and sent an invoice. I don't mind spending $80 on something it would take me at LEAST $60+ parts/ waiting for parts to come in/ time to build it/ gas for trips to Home Depot/ being lazy and putting it off/ you get the picture.. Looking forward to getting this. Thanks

  6. Jarrett: The track width can be adjusted down to roll on a 2x4, which is 3.5" wide. At that width, the horizontal wheels are practically touching. It works great with small cameras. I use it with my HX9 on a CHEAP ball head mount all the time.

    Serge: On my end it's about the same, but you'll save a couple bucks ordering direct. Also, the eBay sale may not be up all the time, but my email is always on...

  7. Also @J.G. Pasterjak, which way works for you best ebay or directly? I know ebay is a hog on those fee's plus paypal on top of that.

    I dont see the problem with people and the anti-trust issues...

  8. I'm going to order one as soon as I back home!
    I will also be entering the contest and hoping to win some cool lightning bolts stickers!!! 😛

  9. sidney

    I brought one and I am so pleased I did...I love it...I advise everyone to get one and you wont be sorry. $80 bucks plus tax is worth it..all that building is just a waste of time sometime...The money you spend to just get it is worth not having to spend the time....

  10. Been a busy few weeks, but I'm finally getting on top of the pile enough to eBay some for the folks not comfortable ordering directly. I just put three more up there, and they'll probably go up in batches of three every few days, so save the listing if you're interested.

    And the CONTEST should be cool. Best move with a Cinemover wins some cool stuff. Not sure exactly what yet, but it'll be cool. Honestly, it'll probably be worked out directly with the winner in a "what type of rig do you shoot with?" sort of fashion, then just get some goodies that compliment that kit.

    Anyway, details are at MoveYourCamera.com.

    Now I have to get back to work making dollies. Yikes.

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