DIY Handles for your DSLR Video Camera Rig

Most DSLR Rigs use handle grips very similar to bike handle grips. In fact if you threw a bit of cash down, you can get Bike grips better than rig handles. Now how do you go about making your own custom set? Well first you need to get them down to fit the 15mm standard, so the video above by Vimeo member Jarrod is one way to accomplish this with a nice pro look. This technique requires a pair of 15mm rods and a pair of 90 degree clamps, so by no means dirt cheap, but you can end up with something worth much more than what's found in current retail. One way of saving a few bucks is to locate a single rod and cut it in half. [Thanks Jarrod]

You can find a variety of inexpensive 15mm Rig Rods and Clamps new and used at the auction site (click here).
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11 thoughts on “DIY Handles for your DSLR Video Camera Rig

  1. Mike C

    As mentioned before, the Berkey system works great...Spend under $10 on the same full-waffle locking grips that redrock micro uses for their systems, and another $10 on the berkey system inserts, and you're good to go. $20 for a fully functioning set of pro grips. Color options seem to be black, red, or blue.


  2. Joel

    @ SkunkWorks - Ha! You have a point, after looking over what I apparently started.

    Anway, my apologies to Jarrod for what turned out to be a "pile-on".

    I have produced animation and video production for tv for 30 years, so I have some background to stand by my suggestion to tone down the music a bit.

    But, I have seen other stuff of yours and you have done nice work and very helpful to the community ... so thanks!

  3. Emm,
    Since you're in bay area... Have you found a local source for Carbon Fiber rods? I refuse to pay photographic prices, but I also don't want to wait for weeeeeeeeeeeeks to get them from abroad.

  4. @Joel
    I totally agree about the volume. it's very annoying to parse through the noise to follow the info.

    BUT, Jarod does beautiful video. I've seen some staggeringly bad video work from many DIY video people, who claim to do it as their work. (And I agree with your critique, Tim)

  5. Wow this guy spends his time making a DIY video and everyone's gotta bitch. Yes there are things that I would do different BUT I'm not the one making the DIY video.

    Best of all if you don't like don't watch.

  6. tim

    Good video, however I'm getting a bit frustrated by how the maker of this (and many of his other video's) are always filmed so darn close with just too much dof, some more overview shots would be great because apart from that, the quality of his work is superb.

  7. Joel

    Nice idea ...but please lower the db on your sound track (and don't use music with vocals as a bed)....both the level and the type of track you selected made your voice track difficult to understand.

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