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YouTube member NitsanPictures shares a few simple ideas on how to combine the P&C pistol grip with a P&C friction arm from PhotographyandCinema.com to stabilize your small camera. The combination of the two could be used as a basic target shooter or a long handle. A great tip if you plan on traveling light with only a small camera like the new Sony RX100. [Thanks Nitsan].


Most DSLR Rigs use handle grips very similar to bike handle grips. In fact if you threw a bit of cash down, you can get Bike grips better than rig handles. Now how do you go about making your own custom set? Well first you need to get them down to fit the 15mm standard, so the video above by Vimeo member Jarrod is one way to accomplish this with a nice pro look. This technique requires a pair of 15mm rods and a pair of 90 degree clamps, so by no means dirt cheap, but you can end up with something worth much more than what's found in current retail. One way of saving a few bucks is to locate a single rod and cut it in half. [Thanks Jarrod]

You can find a variety of inexpensive 15mm Rig Rods and Clamps new and used at the auction site (click here).
find-price-button 15mm Rods and 90 Degree Rig Clamps

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Rick Q. over at www.rcqcreativeworks.com shared with us his DIY Plug Wire Clamp Shooter earlier in the month, and now showcases his latest work for his new iPhone 4. Great idea for steady video and photos. If you really need a handle to go with your iPhone, I don't think there's anything out there as classy at this DIY budget. These Plug Clamps are sure showing lots of use in the DIY DSLR community thanks to the original designs sent in by Johan. Another popular DIY Plug Wire Clamp DSLR rig was sent in by Derek using Carbon rods. You can find that one here.

Update: Shortly after, Herb shows off his DIY iPhone cinema handle. With tilt action and beefy foam grip. Herb has also dropped hints of a more streamlined version coming soon. Enjoy the madness fun around these iPhone handles.

As you can tell, some of my DIY rigs are all out in the wild. Many have taken some of my very Cheesy basic ideas and have added their own improvements to it, making some very cool rigs. I get totally inspired seeing DIY's out there and sometimes come up with new ideas, so hopefully we'll see more submissions to this blog. Here's and Interesting rig setup submitted by Frankie N. Films. The rig which has a quick release mount, stabilizer handles, under-slung camera handle, and shoulder support was all done from an old Fan in the garage.

Here's a quote from Frankie N. Films:

after seeing your cage lol i decided to make something myself with bunch of aluminum parts that i had from this old fan, sitting in garage

Thanks for sharing, i'd love to see more rigs out there. If you have 'em, share 'em!