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Most DSLR Rigs use handle grips very similar to bike handle grips. In fact if you threw a bit of cash down, you can get Bike grips better than rig handles. Now how do you go about making your own custom set? Well first you need to get them down to fit the 15mm standard, so the video above by Vimeo member Jarrod is one way to accomplish this with a nice pro look. This technique requires a pair of 15mm rods and a pair of 90 degree clamps, so by no means dirt cheap, but you can end up with something worth much more than what's found in current retail. One way of saving a few bucks is to locate a single rod and cut it in half. [Thanks Jarrod]

You can find a variety of inexpensive 15mm Rig Rods and Clamps new and used at the auction site (click here).
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Thanks for Mako for sending in images of his DSLR rig using Thorlabs RA90 - 90 degree clamps with locks. These $10 dollar ninety-degree clamps are a great way to start building your different rigs or support structures, but if you take a peek around ThorLabs 'post accessories' you might get some other cool ideas. The accessories they sell work to attach 1/2" rods, and also sell a swiveling clamp that can lock in different positions. Some very cool stuff over at the website. I personally may not have ideas for a DSLR shoulder mount with these RA90 clamps, but four clamps and some 1/2" lightweight pipes at Home Depot would make for a very simple DSLR cage. Since 1/2" rods are the standard for Bike Handlebar grips, it sounds like an easy build with some really cool professional results. Something I just might look into. Here's the link to get you started in Thorlabs products: https://www.thorlabs.com/thorProduct.cfm?partNumber=RA90

Above: Thorlabs RA90 1/2" post clamp

[Thanks Mako]