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Rod from www.foursandyfeet.com recently received the latest version of the CN-600-SA LED light panels and shares this review with us. I thought it would be much bigger, but it doesn't seem like there's too much a difference in size. Rod also sent in a few photos of the units earlier this week (seen below) [Thanks Rod].

led  600led
600-cn-led  LED-CN600-New

I've been very happy with my (original) set of 600s and 900 LED light panels and none have yet to fail me even though I don't pack them very well. The LED lights themselves are still in consistent use everyday at the studio. Though they aren't perfect in every way, the price is right and i'm seeing more and more people use these in their standard lighting kits. Prices have also been listed right now for about $100 dollars cheaper over at eBay (Click Here).

Cheesycam new 600 LED Video Light Panel V-Lock
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Meking has some new inexpensive LED video light panels, and from the listing it states it can be switched to power through 110V or 220V. It's dimmable with barn doors, and if you've got the juice, you can go portable with the available port for 24V DC. Starting at around $230 dollars, these seem to be fairly new stuff on the cheaper side, and does not resemble the typical 600, 900, or 1200 LED panels i'm using. Typically on Amazon the 600 LED light panel i'm using can run about $350 dollars (see it here on Amazon). As pointed out by Adam, if you're looking for the same 600s i'm using, there's a few good deals on eBay where you can get (2) 600 LED Video Light Panels + Light Stands for about $518
2-600-led-lights(click here)

Not quite sure what's mounted to the back of the Meking LED units, but I don't think it's a battery. They say they have a 15% sale for another three days, but could all be marketing. Find more info on these LED video lights at the Meking store (click here).

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Well here's another article that will probably get quickly outdated. Remember those 240 LED Bi-Color (Color Changing) on camera LED lights from here: http://cheesycam.com/color-changing-dimmable-240-led-video-light/? Well, I was lucky to grab a set and then they were gone, never to be seen again. Apparently there might be some type of exclusive distribution that won't allow them to be sold on eBay, but if you really really wanted them, you can find them for almost twice the price at some retail locations.

So for on camera lighting that adjusts to the ambient, you've got a choice on the 312 Bi-Color LED lights which 'totally rock' BTW (I have a set and will do a video tomorrow), but those are still running about $230-$499. Here's an interesting one that just showed up and comes in a bit cheaper with 277 LEDs from maker Socanland with the same color changing features and powered by what looks like Sony style batteries.

daylight-color tungsten-led-color

States only two available at this time, so this could be one of those times it's here today and gone tomorrow. Apparently Socanland was at NAB and are manufacturers of other large LED video lights. The only video I could find about this company is the one below on some larger 1x1 sized light panels.

So for now, only a few of these smaller 277 Bi-Color Changing Dimmable LED Video lights from Socanland are available along with a 310 Bi-Color version. Personally the 310 version looks overkill on the whole digital display and I feel it's overpriced. You would be better off with the 312 Dimmable Bi-Color LEDs if you wanted to go that big.

Not sure how long this company has been around, but it looks like in the near future we could be seeing a line of Socanland products competing in the LED Video light market.

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