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Rod from www.foursandyfeet.com recently received the latest version of the CN-600-SA LED light panels and shares this review with us. I thought it would be much bigger, but it doesn't seem like there's too much a difference in size. Rod also sent in a few photos of the units earlier this week (seen below) [Thanks Rod].

led  600led
600-cn-led  LED-CN600-New

I've been very happy with my (original) set of 600s and 900 LED light panels and none have yet to fail me even though I don't pack them very well. The LED lights themselves are still in consistent use everyday at the studio. Though they aren't perfect in every way, the price is right and i'm seeing more and more people use these in their standard lighting kits. Prices have also been listed right now for about $100 dollars cheaper over at eBay (Click Here).

Cheesycam new 600 LED Video Light Panel V-Lock
find-price-button New CN600 LED Video Light Panels