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NAB 2015, John from Dracast breaks down the new PLUS series of Dracast LED Panels. The Dracast PLUS panels come standard in Aluminum Chassis for durability and carry a 93-95 CRI Rating.

Dracast Plus LED Video LightsDracast Plus series led lighting

A new full readout digital display upgrades the user interface, and new electronics have been added for Smoother step-less dimming. DMX Controls are now standard and can be used with Various battery power solutions (v-mount, gold mount).
Optional modifiers can be added such as Barndoors, Chimera, etc.

For more information about Dracast PLUS Series LED Video Lights, check out their website at Dracast.com (here).

Dracast Plus series led video light panels high cridracast led plus series
Learn-More-sm Dracast PLUS Series LED Video Lighting

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Screen shot 2011-05-06 at 5.21.23 PM

The 144 LED Video light was quite elusive. I've seen this light available from a few retail companies with pretty inflated prices for a few months now. Unavailable on the big auction site up until a few days ago, the 144 Bi-Color LED Video lights are now available via eBay at more than half off other retail website prices. These are a smaller version of the popular 312 LED Video lights that are powered on Sony batteries, looks like the same manufacturer. Color changing from Tungsten to Daylight and also Dimmable. Great build on these little lights, and very good overall light output. A small chance to catch the few amount online while they are available.

Screen shot 2011-05-06 at 5.21.44 PM
find-price-button 144 BI-Color Changing Dimmable LED Video Lights

If that 144 count isn't enough, it appears that the 277 LED video lights are back as well: http://cheesycam.com/277-bi-color-dimmable-led-light-review/

find-price-button 277 LED Bi-Color Changing LED Video Lights

find-price-button 310 LED Bi-Color Changing LED Video Lights


Well here's another article that will probably get quickly outdated. Remember those 240 LED Bi-Color (Color Changing) on camera LED lights from here: http://cheesycam.com/color-changing-dimmable-240-led-video-light/? Well, I was lucky to grab a set and then they were gone, never to be seen again. Apparently there might be some type of exclusive distribution that won't allow them to be sold on eBay, but if you really really wanted them, you can find them for almost twice the price at some retail locations.

So for on camera lighting that adjusts to the ambient, you've got a choice on the 312 Bi-Color LED lights which 'totally rock' BTW (I have a set and will do a video tomorrow), but those are still running about $230-$499. Here's an interesting one that just showed up and comes in a bit cheaper with 277 LEDs from maker Socanland with the same color changing features and powered by what looks like Sony style batteries.

daylight-color tungsten-led-color

States only two available at this time, so this could be one of those times it's here today and gone tomorrow. Apparently Socanland was at NAB and are manufacturers of other large LED video lights. The only video I could find about this company is the one below on some larger 1x1 sized light panels.

So for now, only a few of these smaller 277 Bi-Color Changing Dimmable LED Video lights from Socanland are available along with a 310 Bi-Color version. Personally the 310 version looks overkill on the whole digital display and I feel it's overpriced. You would be better off with the 312 Dimmable Bi-Color LEDs if you wanted to go that big.

Not sure how long this company has been around, but it looks like in the near future we could be seeing a line of Socanland products competing in the LED Video light market.

find-price-button 277 LED Bi-Color Changing LED Video Lights

find-price-button 310 LED Bi-Color Changing LED Video Lights


photo 1

The studio is still being built out, but I got a request to do a an interview in the place tomorrow. Since it will be 1-2 people in the shot, I thought i'd just pick up a simple, cheap, but effective 3 piece lighting set. Just got these in today at the studio, so I unboxed and set them up. The 3 piece set I received, comes with 3 lights, 2 medium sized softboxes, one has a barn door attachment, all three light stands, three bulbs, and each one dimmable, and large bag to keep them all together. The barn door light will be used overhead and behind the subject(s) for some edge / rim lighting, softbox lighting on each side, and since they are all dimmable i'll try to use one as main fill. Each head I think rated at 800w halogen. I still don't have my gels in the studio and these bulbs are quite warm, but since I have total control over the lighting in the studio, perhaps I can get away with just white balancing.

photo 2

To sorta mask the background and keep things looking nice, i'll be shooting with long lenses with a shallow depth of field. These lights should be plenty for my ideal tight shots on each person (multi camera angles). I totally wasn't ready for this project to be done in this space, but it's good practice to see what i'll need for future projects. I'll post some videos of how that lighting comes out next week. Total spent $299 + Free Shipping. Here's the link to the 2400W 3 pc Light SOFTBOX BARNDOOR PHOTO VIDEO LIGHTING KIT

find-price-button 3pc 800w (each) Dimmable Light Kit w/ softboxes

If the above link is not available, you can find other sellers (below) but not all come with the Softboxes

find-price-button 800w 3pc Dimmable Lighting Kit


click to find Z96 Dimmable DSLR Video Light

Good news for those who are looking to start making a 2x2 LED light panel (four total lights) with the Z96 Dimmable LED DSLR Video lights. New auctions at the eBay store are showing for this purpose while shaving a few dollars off the complete set. Of course, It makes total sense to sell them in these bundles since one of the biggest marketing features is that they can be stacked together to create a larger softer light source. Where was this before?

After my weekend of use with mine, a 2x2 light panel is something i'm going to build, who knows maybe a 3x3 or even a 4x4 would be nice. I've found ways not only to use them for video but for photography as well. Not only used in a dim lit area, but also in daylight as fill.

Note: By default they have clips molded only on the sides of the LED light which appears they can only be stacked horizontally. Myself as well as another reader here didn't poke through the box enough to find special 'Vertical' clips and losing it. So if you receive these items, don't get too excited and start pulling pieces out without looking for this special Vertical clip to give you a nice portable 4 x 4 completely battery powered LED light panel.

4 pcs. Z96 Dimmable LED DSLR Video Light


Do these guys ever quit?!! Sheesh, when I think i'm on top of things, again they come out with something better. This is now the latest LED Video light panel that followed up from my last post 'Latest LED Video Lights'. These new panels have all the fine features of the previous 1000 LED Video Light Panel model, but now add the dimmable option to the large 1000 LED Video Light + The Ability to Color Change the temperature. This is a great feature to have that should allow you to better balance along with ambient light. 1000 LED's + Brightness control + Color temp control FULLY DIMMABLE: 0%-100%, COLOR TEMP: 3500K-6000K is a perfect combination for any video lighting you plan to use on set. Might save you time and money by not requiring color gels, who knows. This is an exciting new advancement in an already well priced tool compared to the other big brands. Now..just need to get a hold of this for an official Cheesycam run through...

Product Description:
These are the newest product 1000 LED Color changing from 3500K - 6000K temp. It uses 1000 ultra bright 3mm LED. The changing color temp 1000LED panel will be suitable for any photography and video production for years to com. These daylight balanced LEDs offer a full spectrum, beautifully soft light. LED lights off significantly further "throw" than a comparable fluorescent light. This is because each of the 1000 LED lights has a 60 degree beam angle lens that directs light forward. This beam angle creates a beam pattern that is useful from 1 - 15 feet. The LED Panel lights are ideal for location work because they are virtually shockproof and offer the brightest light in the smallest form factor. In addition, this new version operates on 110v-240v adapter with a 12v DC output. Brand New

* Input Voltage: 100-260V AC. OUTPUT: 12V * FULLY DIMMABLE: 0%-100%, COLOR TEMP: 3500K-6000K * No flickering & FR interference * Easy to install with removable mounting brackets * Dimmension: 14" x 14" x 4"


Quick over view of what to expect from the Z96 Dimmable DSLR LED Video light that everyone is raving about. As of now, since it's fairly new, it might run you about $20 dollars more than the 126 LED lights. I personally think that $20 dollar difference is well worth it, considering you'd be buying a $400 dollar unit similar to this from the brand names.

The Z96 carries many of the same features that make the 126 very popular. Dimmable lighting, multiple battery sources, LED technology, and cheap cheap cheap. Originally LED video lights were hitting the streets for over $400 dollars, so even thought this is NOT as cheap as the 126, it's still a bargain you can't complain about.

It's smaller, but feels more solid than the 126 LED video light. Smaller is nicer since it doesn't take up bag space. Too much spotlight is offending to your subject, so it's very nice that the LED's on the Z96 (even without the diffusion panel) work better than the 126 LED. The adjustable shoe mount neck is a much better design as well. Not as tall, but definitely solid enough to keep from adjusting off position. I like everything about the Z96 and the additional price I feel is well worth it. The 126 has been a solid performer for me and I currently own 3 of them still in use today. I haven't thrown the Z96 around as much so we'll have to hear about the long term durability. For now when i'm ready to work, this Z96 is the one LED video light i'll always grab first.

Note:If there are clones of real products, it's not uncommon to see a 'Clone' of a 'Clone'. We see this already with Battery grips. Mine is solid quality, fast shipping, great price. Here's the seller you should be buying from if you're considering purchasing the Z96 Dimmable LED DSLR Video Light.

find-price-button Z96 Dimmable DSLR Video Light

[Update] Other links if the top one doesn't work Click here for Z96 Video LED Light