New 800w Barndoor + Softboxes 3pcs Lighting

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The studio is still being built out, but I got a request to do a an interview in the place tomorrow. Since it will be 1-2 people in the shot, I thought i'd just pick up a simple, cheap, but effective 3 piece lighting set. Just got these in today at the studio, so I unboxed and set them up. The 3 piece set I received, comes with 3 lights, 2 medium sized softboxes, one has a barn door attachment, all three light stands, three bulbs, and each one dimmable, and large bag to keep them all together. The barn door light will be used overhead and behind the subject(s) for some edge / rim lighting, softbox lighting on each side, and since they are all dimmable i'll try to use one as main fill. Each head I think rated at 800w halogen. I still don't have my gels in the studio and these bulbs are quite warm, but since I have total control over the lighting in the studio, perhaps I can get away with just white balancing.

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To sorta mask the background and keep things looking nice, i'll be shooting with long lenses with a shallow depth of field. These lights should be plenty for my ideal tight shots on each person (multi camera angles). I totally wasn't ready for this project to be done in this space, but it's good practice to see what i'll need for future projects. I'll post some videos of how that lighting comes out next week. Total spent $299 + Free Shipping. Here's the link to the 2400W 3 pc Light SOFTBOX BARNDOOR PHOTO VIDEO LIGHTING KIT

find-price-button 3pc 800w (each) Dimmable Light Kit w/ softboxes

If the above link is not available, you can find other sellers (below) but not all come with the Softboxes

find-price-button 800w 3pc Dimmable Lighting Kit

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Andy - I don't know of any other softboxes that fit on to these, and you have to make sure the soft boxes you choose are heat resistant.

  2. Andy

    Hey Emm I have a question. Is there a better soft box option for these? I have the kit and the soft boxes are just a pita to set up and take down. Plus I've ripped them basically to pieces.

  3. Baka

    I switch on it indoor and forget to switch off after 2-3 hrs and the redhead light gone!! Cannot switch on anymore. And I don have back up bulb so I don know wether is the bulb burned or others problem!! Is there any bulb as a replacement bulb Which is white or sunlight or alike led light?

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Jason there's an amazon link here httpss://

  5. Emm

    Post author

    The 3pc kit generates more heat, but less flicker. I've run them for 5 hours straight before, but I'm in a fairly decent sized warehouse. They aren't as bright as the CFL's I have. They aren't balanced for daylight but most tungsten or halogens aren't. You need to gel them with color correct filters. I like the soft boxes, they make a difference. Traveling with the LED kits are much easier. As you play with different lights, you'll find out what you can do with them and what you can't. You'll eventually end up with different sets for different reasons.

  6. Srini

    Hi Emm,

    Have you used these lights for a long period of time (say, an hour, maybe up to 5 hours)?

    also, how does it fare when using it in a situation where you're shooting in daylight (indoors) with a window or two open? Is it daylight balanced, or will it make sunlight blue-ish like with tungsten (I'd assume that if it is, it isn't as obvious as tungsten)?

    also, how would this compare to CFL kits in terms of heat and flicker, as well as how important are the softboxes? The exact kit you posted seems to be unavailable in Australia, but I found a comparable one for $320, but three 800W red head lights each with stands, barndoors and a case. I am not sure whether to try and pay extra money just for the softboxes, or if the barndoor kits would do.

    Most importantly, how would you compare this kit in terms of all-round versatility and usability in comparison to the 500 LED lights?

    Sorry for the long post, and thank you very much for taking the time to read this.

  7. hey, somebody know if these lights run with 230V, too? Especially the dimmerpacks? I dont know where I can get them in Europe/ Germany..

  8. Emm

    Post author

    Yeah they will eat up a bit of power. Unlike the CFL's though, you won't run into a flickering issue. My CFL set on a generator flickered and was detectable through the camera. I scrapped using lights on a location shoot because they didn't hold up on the generator. Pros and Cons with everything...

    You can see i'm using my CFL set on the green screen image though. They definitely work great as a broad soft even light source for lighting a background.

  9. Kay O. Sweaver

    These look pretty appealing. I'm also thinking about a CFL softbox set in the same price range. The only thing that gives me pause on these is the power required and heat issues. I shoot a lot at home, which is 100 years old and I already blow breakers when the toaster is on.

  10. Alex

    Am about to get these after a pretty strenuous few hours of comparisons with the dimmable VS lights on ebay too. The only clincher left is what Tom was talking about earlier - are the bulbs behaving well/is the 240w? I cant find them on the ephoto site either.. am hopeful if so 🙂 Let us know your experiences on it since august too Emmm 🙂

  11. nasim

    Hey Emm, sorry about the late reply, we gave the lights a full test today, they worked great. You were spot on about the coating, after a few minutes they were fine, and for the price cant complain. Keep up the great work on the site, Thanks

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  13. Emm

    Post author

    I can't remember if they did, but many tools are coated with a light oil to prevent corrosion from sitting in a warehouse. It's like buying brake rotors from an Auto store. It's possible there may have been some type of coating on it that is now burning off from the 800w bulb. Also for any type of bulb, you should wear latex gloves and not touch them with your hands. The oil from your hands can cause the bulbs to fail prematurely. How's the lights so far?

  14. Emm

    Post author

    They get hot, there are no fans (which is a plus for me, no noise). I don't know, it's cheap and it works well. Comes with softboxes and a barndoor. Comes with light stands and a bag. What's not to like at that price? LOL.

  15. lenseyeview

    hey looking for a kit for my business, this is perfect but its so cheap :/.. any reason? like is it good quality and whatnot? Someone please let me know :).

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  17. Emm

    Post author

    Halogen is hot hot hot, Lots of light output, fragile, and dirt cheap. CFL's are next in line, but for quality CFL's with no flicker and daylight calibrated, it's a bit more expensive than HALO, but cheaper than LED still fragile. LED's are cool cool cool, and very soft light, not as much as CFL or HALO, long life, durable for travel, uses less amperage, but the most expensive of the bunch. It all comes down to cost, type of lighting you need, and type of work you're doing. It's hard to say one can do it all.

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  19. Emm

    Post author

    If you're shooting at 2.8 and ISO 100 it's enough light and doesn't flickr. If you're shooting at F/8.0 then it may not be enough power. My footage was shot at F/8.0 1/60ths and at ISO 800 I believe.

  20. Ryan W

    Hey Emm,

    how well do these lights work for photography? Are you able to use these lights with wireless receivers?


  21. Do you ever just sit back and look at all the gear and think, "I think I have enough stuff for a while"? I'd be happy if I had even a quarter the gear you get! Hahaha!

  22. Tom

    I have this kit. I figured out they ship a "800w" bulbs and they are no where to be found online when one blew on me. (last time i checked)

    Anyway i started using a dimmer for them because they are very bright and all but one of the original bulbs blew on me. So after searching an inquiring my electrical friends. i found that a 240w bulb i found online is what they are "supposed to be" rated for. I ordered the bulbs and they work great. The lights are still very intense but much more even and they hand the dimmer better. I suspect the bulbs were very cheap.

    This blog rocks

  23. Emm

    Post author

    LOL, I knew this question would come up. For this interview I wanted to work with more shadows rather than more light. Tiny bright lights like these give more contrast. The other lights are very broad, soft, well diffused. These tiny bulbs give a sharp spotlight type effect and a certain look i'm trying to achieve.

  24. Fleck

    Why the halogens? Why not just go with those new LEDs you have or the fluorescents you like?

  25. Awesome. I was just looking into getting a lighting kit soon. These look nice and reasonably priced. Will you be doing a review on these after you use them?

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