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photo 1

The studio is still being built out, but I got a request to do a an interview in the place tomorrow. Since it will be 1-2 people in the shot, I thought i'd just pick up a simple, cheap, but effective 3 piece lighting set. Just got these in today at the studio, so I unboxed and set them up. The 3 piece set I received, comes with 3 lights, 2 medium sized softboxes, one has a barn door attachment, all three light stands, three bulbs, and each one dimmable, and large bag to keep them all together. The barn door light will be used overhead and behind the subject(s) for some edge / rim lighting, softbox lighting on each side, and since they are all dimmable i'll try to use one as main fill. Each head I think rated at 800w halogen. I still don't have my gels in the studio and these bulbs are quite warm, but since I have total control over the lighting in the studio, perhaps I can get away with just white balancing.

photo 2

To sorta mask the background and keep things looking nice, i'll be shooting with long lenses with a shallow depth of field. These lights should be plenty for my ideal tight shots on each person (multi camera angles). I totally wasn't ready for this project to be done in this space, but it's good practice to see what i'll need for future projects. I'll post some videos of how that lighting comes out next week. Total spent $299 + Free Shipping. Here's the link to the 2400W 3 pc Light SOFTBOX BARNDOOR PHOTO VIDEO LIGHTING KIT

find-price-button 3pc 800w (each) Dimmable Light Kit w/ softboxes

If the above link is not available, you can find other sellers (below) but not all come with the Softboxes

find-price-button 800w 3pc Dimmable Lighting Kit