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click to find Z96 Dimmable DSLR Video Light

Good news for those who are looking to start making a 2x2 LED light panel (four total lights) with the Z96 Dimmable LED DSLR Video lights. New auctions at the eBay store are showing for this purpose while shaving a few dollars off the complete set. Of course, It makes total sense to sell them in these bundles since one of the biggest marketing features is that they can be stacked together to create a larger softer light source. Where was this before?

After my weekend of use with mine, a 2x2 light panel is something i'm going to build, who knows maybe a 3x3 or even a 4x4 would be nice. I've found ways not only to use them for video but for photography as well. Not only used in a dim lit area, but also in daylight as fill.

Note: By default they have clips molded only on the sides of the LED light which appears they can only be stacked horizontally. Myself as well as another reader here didn't poke through the box enough to find special 'Vertical' clips and losing it. So if you receive these items, don't get too excited and start pulling pieces out without looking for this special Vertical clip to give you a nice portable 4 x 4 completely battery powered LED light panel.

4 pcs. Z96 Dimmable LED DSLR Video Light