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Meking has some new inexpensive LED video light panels, and from the listing it states it can be switched to power through 110V or 220V. It's dimmable with barn doors, and if you've got the juice, you can go portable with the available port for 24V DC. Starting at around $230 dollars, these seem to be fairly new stuff on the cheaper side, and does not resemble the typical 600, 900, or 1200 LED panels i'm using. Typically on Amazon the 600 LED light panel i'm using can run about $350 dollars (see it here on Amazon). As pointed out by Adam, if you're looking for the same 600s i'm using, there's a few good deals on eBay where you can get (2) 600 LED Video Light Panels + Light Stands for about $518
2-600-led-lights(click here)

Not quite sure what's mounted to the back of the Meking LED units, but I don't think it's a battery. They say they have a 15% sale for another three days, but could all be marketing. Find more info on these LED video lights at the Meking store (click here).

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