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Vimeo member LJ Lee gives us a look at the new Lanparte Shoulder pad that integrates a quick release camera mounting baseplate [Thanks LJ]. The design is drilled out to shave off some weight and allows you to carry the camera over the shoulder instead of further out over your arms. Essentially you'll have a more balanced and stable rig, but you have to configure this to use an EVF or LCD monitor. You can already find the new Lanparte shoulder pad via eBay (Click Here).

 Lanparte shoulder pad$T2eC16RHJHQE9nzEzMOMBQRwRu4(J!~~60_3
find-price-button Lanparte New Shoulder Pad Quick Release Camera Baseplate


When you search eBay for a DSLR Rig, you'll find a ton of these 'Movie Kit Shoulder Mounts'. I received this one a while back from eBay to demo, but never got around to doing anything with it. I personally am not into these transforming rigs, but I know a few people have sent in comments and videos showing use of them. Here's a quick demo of some of the configurations they can bend into. Again, not my cup of tea, but might be something entertaining for someone out there. Prices have definitely dropped since they first appears, and you find them on the web (click here).

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DSLR Shoulder Rig Pad Old New v2

There aren't too many sexy Video Rig shoulder pads on the market, not to mention anything affordable. Immediately after getting the Gini Rig shoulder pad, I was already looking to upgrade. The Gini silicone shouler pads (even the latest version) aren't the most comfortable. So, a recent redesign of a Shoulder Pad that peaks my interest. To the left is the OLD and to the right is the NEW. I'll admit, I've already had my eye on the old version, but i'm glad I held out. In my opinion this looks much more comfortable than the Redrock Micro microShoulderPad, and offers a better look, and more mounting points. (Not to mention cheaper too).

All standard 15mm fit, so it will work perfectly on a couple of new Gini DSLR Rigs I picked up. Yeah I know how you guys drive prices up, so I had to place my order first. I'm all in for this one, so i'll let you know how it turns out as soon as it washes up on U.S. soil. More about the new Video Rig Pro Shoulder Pad designs (click here)

DSLR Shoulder Pad v2Shouder Rig Pad
find-price-button DSLR Video Camera Rig Shoulder Pad v2


The all too basic shoulder pad on most rigs are not as comfortable as they might appear. The firm silicone pads give wide placement of the rig to the shoulder, but does nothing for comfort. To add extra stability, relieve weight from the hands, and added comfort here are some alternative budget shoulder mounts. First up is a quite surprisingly well made shoulder pad which I believe is from India using the ProAim name. (BTW, this is sometimes bundled with handle grips, but if you contact the seller they can sell you the shoulder mount alone.) It's an all metal shoulder pad with rod adapter and a front chest brace. The contoured shoulder pad with a thick layer of flexible dense foam is definitely more comfortable, and the chest brace helps stabilize the unit futher by 'pulling' the rig back into your body. There is no rear 'hook' so it's not a total hands-free type rig that will remain on the shoulder if you release your hands. I did of course add my DIY counter weight to the rear, and at that time I was able to release my hands while the rig stayed fairly balanced.

find-price-button Shoulder Rig Pad with Rod adapter Body Plate

Last on the list is a very simple setup using the cheap $24 dollar mount. I've had this mount way back since January and have been using it with many different projects. It works surprisingly well, but don't use the crappy offset piece that it comes with. You'll know what i'm talking about when you get one. Of course I didn't get to use it with any Rail system, until the Gini arrived recently.

find-price-button Gini DSLR Rig

The setup there can be placed onto the shoulder and be completely hands-free, which means less weight on the arms. This little shooter that i've assembled is a very solid support to mount your camera, offset, and handles. You only really need one handle, but I have two there mainly acting as a kickstand when I need to set it down. If you've got those firm silicone pads on your rig now, take the cheap $24 dollar shoulder mount out for a test drive, you might be surprised.

find-price-button Shoulder Support Pad for Video Camcorder Camera DV / DC



Above is the famous little photo sent in by Johan about his DIY DSLR rig using Automotive Plug Wire Clamps. I originally posted this article: http://cheesycam.com/diy-dslr-rig-four-thirds-rig/. I really liked the look of this thing, but couldn't decide if it were going to be beefy enough to support an actual DSLR. It's hard to visualize the support rods actual dimensions.Well I got a chance to find some rods and Yes, they are very beefy indeed.

While cruising around random aisles in my local Walmart (searching for items for another DIY), I happened upon the Camping aisle and found an awesome set of Black Fiberglass Tent Poles! For just $6.88 a set, one set can complete a simple DIY DSLR rig. Especially for something as simple as a Canon 550D, T2i, Sony NEX-3 / NEX-5, and other Four-Thirds cameras.

photo 1photo 2
photo 3photo 4

So I grabbed a set of these black Fiberglass tent rods from the Walmart camping aisle and immediately placed an order on the plug wire clamps. They just came in today so I'm very curious as to what I can come up with for a fun little support rod rig.

photo 1photo 2
got my clamps in...

Stay tuned, oh and more information on Johan's DIY DSLR rig and where to buy the clamps can be found at this article: http://cheesycam.com/diy-dslr-rig-four-thirds-rig/

more photos from Johan's rig


HongKong-Rig (4)
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If you thought those 'Gini Rigs' coming out of Korea were cheap, check out the new rigs showing up on eBay coming out of Hong Kong. Gini Rigs started inflating prices, I'm thinking to meet demands once they became popular. Made from CNC'd machined aluminum, black matte finish, 90 degree rod clamps, adjustable handles, and all standard 15mm so you can mix and match them to even RedRock and Zacuto. These puppies are going for cheap right now, but we'll see how long those prices stick around before it becomes popular. Check out the Hong Kong Should Mount Rigs following this link.

[UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE] I received a Gini Rig and reviewed it here: http://cheesycam.com/the-gini-rig-arrives-from-korea
[Updated] Full Gini Rig Photo Gallery and Review


I saw these grips a while back online, but thought they would be something very tiny and not very useful. Turns out these things are quite large and the company who makes it also designs Gun and Rifle type stabilizers. I have yet to see a DSLR + Viewfinder with this handle, but thinking that would look very very cool. Might be a great handle to add to the DIY shoulder rigs.

Old school 8mm Cameras

Camcorder with Grip

They can be purchased here: