DSLR Rig Shoulder Pad v2

DSLR Shoulder Rig Pad Old New v2

There aren't too many sexy Video Rig shoulder pads on the market, not to mention anything affordable. Immediately after getting the Gini Rig shoulder pad, I was already looking to upgrade. The Gini silicone shouler pads (even the latest version) aren't the most comfortable. So, a recent redesign of a Shoulder Pad that peaks my interest. To the left is the OLD and to the right is the NEW. I'll admit, I've already had my eye on the old version, but i'm glad I held out. In my opinion this looks much more comfortable than the Redrock Micro microShoulderPad, and offers a better look, and more mounting points. (Not to mention cheaper too).

All standard 15mm fit, so it will work perfectly on a couple of new Gini DSLR Rigs I picked up. Yeah I know how you guys drive prices up, so I had to place my order first. I'm all in for this one, so i'll let you know how it turns out as soon as it washes up on U.S. soil. More about the new Video Rig Pro Shoulder Pad designs (click here)

DSLR Shoulder Pad v2Shouder Rig Pad
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16 thoughts on “DSLR Rig Shoulder Pad v2

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Danny - If you're putting on a good amount of gear, I found the shoulder pad on the Express35 Event Rig real comfortable to balance a heavy setup.

  2. Hi Emm,

    Have you found the best shoulder pad for the Gini Rig? All the Cheesy gear is getting heavy, even with the additional diver weights to counter. It's taking two days to recover after each shoot. LOL.

  3. DanielJ


    Nevermind my last post! I just saw that you posted this back in July!

    I'm sure they are just re-badging them for their new rigs. Considering you posted this in July, I'm sure everything I am saying is old news to you.

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  5. kruzer

    I have that cheap shoulder pad from Cowboystudio and it works really well. The plastic is strong and it will NOT break off as some may suggest. It is just fine to use the extention as well.

    It may not look 'pro' whatever that means but it works.
    It's one of the best bargains out there. Good quality workmanship.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Rabby - I don't think there is a company. It's just a product that is made and resold under several different names and sellers.

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  8. For the cost of this thing you can probably get the small jinfinance rig and slap it on the "cowboy studio" rig like Joel's example.

  9. Austin

    Have to keep this one in mind after I buy a gini rig, but before that I should probably invest in some better glass.

  10. I am really curious to see how this turns out Emm. I use the redrockmicro shoulder pad, I like how it has mounting holes on the top and bottom for things like a quick release plate on the bottom to mount to a tripod when it is not in use. But this pad looks pretty comfy and stylish!

  11. Joel

    Thanks, I missed your review and am glad it has your stamp of approval. Can't beat the price and looks like it will work well with my Gini.


  12. Joel

    Here is the review of using just the back half of the Cowboy Studio rig and attaching any rod system (at app. 6:30 in):


    For this very cheap Cowboy setup, it would seem like this would beat all shoulder component alternatives ...

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