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Helmet POV Camera Mount Counterweight I'm no professional when it comes to POV camera mounts, but there's got to be a good reason Vimeo member Enrique Rodriguez added counterweights to the rear of this helmet cam for DSLRs. The video is not in English, but i'm sure you can all figure it out. Looks heavy on the head, but it does serve for some pretty useful POV shots. You can find more details over at the Vimeo link. [Thanks Enrique]

Yeah I know, looks totally dangerous with the weights, but helmet mounts have been done before. Here's that stillmotion video from the NFL.

14 thoughts on “DIY POV Camera Mount

  1. Why not mount the camera like how skydiving photographers? You'll need to mount it either on the top or the side of the helmet, but I don't think it's going to make a huge difference for the footage. Besides, it would be safer.

  2. Tim van Dorp

    Nice, I like it. I have a T2i myself, the low weight and small size of the camera is just fantastic to try things like this with.

  3. Tim van Dorp

    I think a lot of you are overreacting. I am preparing for a nouvelle vague, point of view type of short film and this is an excellent solution. Every point of view camera under 600 dollars including the go pro, drift hd and the contour have automatic exposure making it impossible to use it professionally for any kind of goal. Also, I agree that it may be dangerous when using the helmet riding a bike or something similar, however just walking/running around with it I don't see an immediate risk of danger. Thanks as always for the heads up Em.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Jason - You know I just thought about my Sony HX9 would be great for something like this. Sometimes the GoPro is just too wide, the HX9 is extremely lightweight and has better framerates than DSLRs.

  5. Jason

    On a bright and sunny day a gopro will be just as good quality wise - and 100x safer and more practical.

    Although cool..I must say that rig is a little ridiculous...I can understand image quality concerns but come on have they been living under a rock?

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Jeff - That's what these comments are for, and extreme care should be taken whenever mounting anything to a helmet. Having said that, this is a very typical setup for skydivers who add cameras on their helmets (including DSLRs). The smallest and lightest cameras should always be considered including the GoPro or maybe a tiny GH2.

  7. Yes, I agree on the pure danger of this. Most injuries that hurt people are neck related and not really head trauma. Putting additional weight on the head and crashing into something, causing a sudden stop, will add more momentum to the head and neck.

    Emm, I think you have a big influence on the community and may want to warn against this rig. Obviously, people can do what they want, but to be true indie filmmakers, it is about creativity and not about being foolish.

    Another risk with this set up is that if the helmet does not fit properly it will spin or go in odd directions. This can happen without weights if you are sweating and your hair gets matted down. If you look at the motorcycle section of the video, it looks as though the POV is dragged down.

    Plus, the results aren't that great.

    Sorry for the rant.

  8. Joe

    Drilling holes into a helmet weakens the helmet; you might as well wrap towels around your head. Add weights, and the safety factor plummets. And as mentioned, if you land the wrong way, you've got a bolt in your head. Risk as a filmmaker is one thing. Sheer foolishness is another. This is an example of sheer foolishness.

  9. Looks like a lot of work when you could have just bought a GoPro. What would be the advantage of this over a GoPro?

  10. dudi

    this is very dangerous, you should not pubblish something put people in danger!!! and I hope you will discourage those behaviours....


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