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While the RJ Follow Focus prices have been inflating, and the orders are on very long waiting lists, another Follow Focus system appears. These auctions appeared to have been listed yesterday, so fairly new stuff here. A smart design using a riser to make sure you're hitting all the right spots on your lens gear unlike the other low profile FF's.

Designed to mount using 15mm (60mm center to center) industry standard rods, which is basically everything under the sun including Gini DSLR Rigs (you'll need a set of rails). The gears 'look' standard, but no mention if it's the same as the RJ. [Update] Someone caught printed on the drive gear: M0.8 – 43T, and that's the most popular standard to turn most lens gears. This is really looking like an FF to get. The design does not look like the gears can be reversible, if that's a big thing for you. So if you've been on the hold for a cheap FF, or want to add a second FF on your rig for the Zoom ring, here's another option. Glad to see more of these budget FF's showing up. More images and information can be found at the store (click here).

find-price-button Fotga DSLR Follow Focus with lens Gear

Can be mounted on inexpensive Gini DSLR Rigs
Screen shot 2011-05-28 at 5.33.23 PM
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28 thoughts on “New Fotga DSLR Follow Focus

  1. Has a little backlash, if you open the gear box (it´s really simple) you can tight the gears to the axis. The backlash is drastically reduced (+-2mm). Maybe you can change the gears by others that make better contact (still a good deal considering the price)

  2. Jared

    I just got this follow focus and experienced the same problem that Tommy had in his video. I found out that it is actually the set screw that holds the wheel to the gear box was found to be loose. After a sigh of relief I tightened it and it no longer spun freely. The thing is built like a tank, but they need to check their quality control before shipping.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Tommy Rodriguez - That's pretty weird. Have you contacted the seller? I don't think it's fair to say you'll lose the money spent.

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  5. micah

    Hi aston, any chance of a video review. I plan to buy a ff in the next week and i'm trying to decide between this and the Rj.


  6. Just received today the Fotga FF – It’s superb. Really solid – all alloy, only the slightest amount of play in the gearbox, but so silky smooth. Fits like a dream, by far the best item I have purchased for my rig to date. Really recommend you get this FF – and for the price… I’m just blown away. Looks like a Shoot35 model (£350) Shame it’s not reversible. But then it only cost me about £120 off ebay…

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @vision - I've seen some that mount through the tripod hole of the camera, but those tend to slip and don't provide good tension against the lens gear. Buying the shoulder rig kit is better than buying in small pieces for overall savings. But just for the FF, you just need the very basic rod set.

  8. vision

    Are there any other chances of mounting this FF, like a cheap DSLR baseplate?
    For the price of a baseplate (rod support) I've found, I can get a large Gini rig... but then, for what could i use a shoulder rig except for holding a FF?

    It will shake a bit, so i can't use instead of tripod...
    It won't fly smooth, so i can't use it instead of flycam..

  9. Eirik

    Just spent 530$ on Jag35 Field runner, Fotga FF, and Jag Tripod plate.

    Will i bee happy? ^^

  10. Eugene

    copy of tilta follow focus, now days they just "borrow", or maybe just put different logo on exactly the same product which is made by the same manufacture. Now all DSLR will be more widely available, within a year there will be even more, cheaper similar items by different suppliers and made under one roof, like Foxconn for Dell, Apple, HP. If you want you can put "CheesyCam FF" and sell it for around $140. I'm sure it will be popular...

  11. Anh Dang

    The Fotga's riser is much taller to my eyes than that in the link you posted Jarrod.

    By the way, had a quick look at the attached photos and I saw printed on the drive gear: M0.8 - 43T.

    Could that mean this FF has a standard 43 tooth 0.8 gear?

    I'm no expert in FF but O'Connor gear just happens to have the same specs:

    Even Arri gear has 43 tooth 0.8 mod gear too:

    Someone should get this verified soon 😛

  12. john d

    Nice find Emm!
    Got rid of my Dfocus last summer (felt too cheap and wobbly on my rig). Just played with my friends RJ ff and love it!

    Now i see this!! Went ahead and purchased one. Will post a review once it arrives! Reasons why I like this over the RJ:
    1. taller (for my battery grip)
    2. indicator (better build and looks position-able)
    3. mount (3 locking points rather than just 1)

  13. Mickey Jones

    Nice find. Build quality appears very nice.

    If the gears and crank slot are standard, I'm in.

    Anyone know what the knob on the position indicator does? Maybe to change the indicator position on the marking disc?

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Eirik - The D Focus is standard and will mount to most rigs outside of Jag35.

  15. Rob

    There's nothing like some healthy competition to get those prices down, especially if one guy offers a better product.

  16. Matthew Carr

    Yes, price wars please. A budget LCDVF was over $60 months ago and now they are like half the price. I hope the same happens with follow focuses.

  17. Eirik

    Are there any advantages over the d-focus, and will it mount on the jag35 field runner?

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