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Reader Zygimantis writes in and shares a link to the Fotga DP500II Follow Focus which is an updated version of the DP500. Like the DP500 it sports the marking disc, two adjustable hard stops, and reversible gear. The new DP500II (version 2) sports an improved gearbox with which they say has very minimal baclash, and an adjustment button for different levels of tension. [Thanks Zygimantis]

You can find more images and information about the Fotga DP500II Following the link via eBay (Click Here).

Fotga Follow Focus DP500IIFotga DP500II Follow FocusFotga Follow Focus DP500II
find-price-button Fotga DP500II Follow Focus A/B Hard Stops


Fotga has released an impressive budget follow focus, and if you're the type who's against 'cross branding', now they are starting to leak out a Standard set of rails to match. The basic rail set is needed to mount the FF, and should normally come with a camera mounting plate and a tripod plate (under the rail set). It's industry standard 15mm with 60mm apart, with metal knobs (not plastic) and also come with a lens support clamp (adds Long lens support when using an FF).


For a bit more Fotga has another set that includes a (proprietary) Quick release system. Looks like they are working towards a full shoulder rig, which doesn't seem to be available just yet. Not extremely competitive with pricing, but compared to what we were seeing just a year ago it's a welcome option.

find-price-button Fotga Standard Rail Set Optional Quick Release


A quick look around the budget Fotga Follow Focus. This was another one shared on this blog just a few weeks back which has a 'riser' design to make sure it can always hit the lens gear. Sometimes using smaller diameter lenses or tall Battery grips will render some FF's useless. This is not a reversible gear, but of course if can still be mounted either left or right. Definitely looks like quality stuff, not cheap plastic. A great option next to the other FF's on the market. I can't tell if the crank whip notch is standard (a minor issue with RJ's follow focus). A bit of lash like most FF's in this range, but not too shabby for the price. For just a bit more, there's an option for a 'quick release' version in case you're using MatteBoxes and such. [Thanks Eirik]

fotga-followfocus quick-release
find-price-button Fotga DSLR Follow Focus with lens Gear



While the RJ Follow Focus prices have been inflating, and the orders are on very long waiting lists, another Follow Focus system appears. These auctions appeared to have been listed yesterday, so fairly new stuff here. A smart design using a riser to make sure you're hitting all the right spots on your lens gear unlike the other low profile FF's.

Designed to mount using 15mm (60mm center to center) industry standard rods, which is basically everything under the sun including Gini DSLR Rigs (you'll need a set of rails). The gears 'look' standard, but no mention if it's the same as the RJ. [Update] Someone caught printed on the drive gear: M0.8 – 43T, and that's the most popular standard to turn most lens gears. This is really looking like an FF to get. The design does not look like the gears can be reversible, if that's a big thing for you. So if you've been on the hold for a cheap FF, or want to add a second FF on your rig for the Zoom ring, here's another option. Glad to see more of these budget FF's showing up. More images and information can be found at the store (click here).

find-price-button Fotga DSLR Follow Focus with lens Gear

Can be mounted on inexpensive Gini DSLR Rigs
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