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A quick look around the budget Fotga Follow Focus. This was another one shared on this blog just a few weeks back which has a 'riser' design to make sure it can always hit the lens gear. Sometimes using smaller diameter lenses or tall Battery grips will render some FF's useless. This is not a reversible gear, but of course if can still be mounted either left or right. Definitely looks like quality stuff, not cheap plastic. A great option next to the other FF's on the market. I can't tell if the crank whip notch is standard (a minor issue with RJ's follow focus). A bit of lash like most FF's in this range, but not too shabby for the price. For just a bit more, there's an option for a 'quick release' version in case you're using MatteBoxes and such. [Thanks Eirik]

fotga-followfocus quick-release
find-price-button Fotga DSLR Follow Focus with lens Gear

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Adam - You can also try using larger diameter focus gears like this: httpss://

  2. just bought the Fotga DP500 FF 2, and it won't fit my MKIII with battery grip and zacuto baseplate. we're talking about 3 whole inches of gap. Even if I take off the zacuto baseplate, it's a far cry from a fit. Not even close. I notice you keep mentioning a "riser" but I can't see where it is on the FF and can't see any examples online. Help? Thx!

  3. My FF worked perfect, until the small alen scew disappeared, now when I turn the focus knob its slides off. Im really happy with this until it worked perfectly for me. Its just been very hard to find these replacement. ANy suggestions, if I use superglue will that work? And how would you do it?

  4. Peter Harkness

    My Fotga DP500 Follow Focus stopped working within two hours. Same problem as above: The main follow focus knob is connected to the axel by a single tiny allen wrench screw. That screw came loose right away and the main knob now turns freely. The fix for this will have to be to somehow permanently attach the turning knob to the axel by using some kind of adhesive. I don't foresee ever having to remove the turning knob. Other than this show-stopping problem, the device is well built.

  5. Jacques

    Stay away from this product!!!
    The turning knob came loose, quarter turn back lash render accurate focusing useless and eventually the gears stopped working after 2 days of light usage.
    Now I have a pile solid anodized aluminum crap on my desk. Expensive crap of a paper weight if u ask me.
    Don't waste your money.

  6. Robin Davies-Rollinson

    Just bought the Fotga FF unit and am very impressed with it.
    However, I'd like to use it with my Canon XF300 which uses a 0.5 pitch gear, whereas the one supplied is 0.8. Since it seems to be interchangeable, has anyone any idea as to how I can contact the manufacturer direct to order one? I looked at the Genus version, but the central hole is of a different diameter...

  7. Fotga DP500 FF looks rock solid and well designed but I can't say the same for the assembly.The internal gears are attached to the axles by just 2 tiny allen screws. When I use my old nikon primes they ussualy get loose. The solution was to attach each gear to its respective axle not just by adjusting the tiny screws, but also using superglue or another instant adhesive. be carefull on finding the correct sized allen tool, for me it was difficult to find one. Now the Fotga FF works like a charm!!!!

  8. Quick fix for the missing bolt until Fotocola comes through. Went to the hardware store and bought a 1/4-20 half inch curved head bolt and a nut to work as a jam nut. This will work fine so I can test the rig tonight.

  9. I just purchased this Fotga follow focus plus the rail rod support system. I ordered it 11/29, and it arrived this morning (12/15). Pretty darn good for shipping from Hong Kong!

    Upon opening the packages, I saw that it was very carefully wrapped in double layers of bubble wrap, and the boxes were wrapped in a waterproof plastic. Nice.

    The follow focus seems built like a tank, but not too heavy, the rails are threaded, which is nice, in case I need to add length or an additional 15mm connector to hold an arm for audio (2 channel USB plus shotgun mic). The support system is equally well built. All the tightening arms are metal - there isn't much plastic on this thing, except for the nylon ring on the follow focus. I like the marker, but it might need a bit longer arrow on it - we'll see as I use it. Mostly I'll be pulling my own focus, so it shouldn't be an issue.

    There's a tiny bit of play in the gearing, but I don't think it will be an issue. I bought it for Best Offer, and I got about 20 percent off on the listed auction price. I'm very happy. Now to put my T2i on it and see how it works with my Canon and Nikon primes (24, 50, 85, and 185mm).

    Whoops - slight problem - Fotocola, who I bought it from, neglected to put the attachment screw to put the camera on the rail assembly plate - it appears to be their own manufacture, since none of my standard camera accessories fit the slot. Now to wait a couple of more weeks! For the price, though, the quality is very good.

  10. JB

    Don't go near this follow focus. The thing literally fell apart in my hands straight out of the box. Was counting on it for an upcoming shoot too...

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @amjad - Oh sorry, I was only reading the comments on this blog. When did you purchase yours, and is the seller working to refund you?

  12. amjad

    if you look at the comment section on the vimeo page of the video above you'll see some negative feedback on the product, i don't seem to be the only one

  13. amjad

    I have indeed, and they acknowledge problems, but I've had enough of an item that packs in within a week.
    basically the barrel is a huge problem, so much play that progressively gets worse over the week to the point of not working

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @amjad - Have you already contacted the seller? This is the first comment here about the issue, would love to see what's going on. Any images or video?

  15. amjad

    Hi, I've had this FF for a couple of weeks, and apart from using it the first time, it then fell apart.
    The main turning knob came off, it turns out it attaches to the barrel with a very small allen screw that doesn't fir in any groove, there is so much play in the smaller gear that drives the focus on the lens that it pretty much got worse over the week that the unit itself failed to function at all.
    yes it look's good, yes it's heavy, yes it's all metal, but inside those barrels something is wrong, and that's what matters, several manufacturing issues, and i feel gutted that i can't use it for work. so return on investment is zero.
    I'd love to know your thoughts Emm

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  17. Frank

    Didn't I see somewhere that this unit has two hard stops and not just one?

    How does this FF compare to D|Focus?

  18. alex

    I recently posted that I found way too much "play" in the RJ FF that I just bought. After taking a cue from someone here and tightening the screws inside and the tightening the fork that connects the gear to the knob - it works like a charm. Very nice dampened movement (which this Fotga doesn't seem to have). I'm happy with it now.

  19. Olphus

    I have the RJ FF and it turns the wrong way. If the Fotga turns the right way I would chose it over the RJ.

  20. David K

    If anyone manages to find out whether this is compatible with a standard whip, please let me know!

    I need a follow focus mainly for the whip.

    - David

  21. Emm

    Post author

    @Luke Kwan - Don't forget the Falcon is pretty good, and that's not as cheap as the RJ or Fotga. If you're looking at either of those two, right now i'm personally leaning towards the Fotga.

  22. Luke Kwan

    so many FF on the market, which should i buy? Emm, do u have a opinion. I was going to pull trigger on the RJ FF, but didn't want o worry about risers for different lens combos and battery grips.

    this model seems promising bt how bad is the backlash? is it dampened well like the RJ FF?

    Does it has the standard hole size for the crank/whip? RJ FF should update their design for the latter.

    And then there is the edelkrone FF. Looks awesome but there is absolutely no way I would pay $950 for a FF! I don't want to pay that much for my entire rig!

    I could get a zeiss ze 50mm 1.4 and a 600 LED light for $950!

    Sorry for price rant... So which FF is the one to get this week?

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