Dual Light and Sound Hot Shoe Bracket

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If you've seen a post I did a while back on a double Light and Sound bracket, there's now one available for half the price. Perfect for mounting a Shotgun to one side and an LED light on the other. Or heck, why not mount two LED lights. A simple way of mounting several accessories without getting into DSLR Cages. With the hot shoe adapter built in it can be quickly mounted to your camera, or to a light stand using the available 1/4 x 20 thread under the shoe. Now available via Amazon (click here).

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8 thoughts on “Dual Light and Sound Hot Shoe Bracket

  1. eiker_ir

    yeah a few $$$ less would be good, the good part is that it's all metal and very solid.

  2. eiker_ir

    i purchard that bracket once to use both a shotgun mic and a LED light but found that the space available wasn't enough to mount bot side by side. It also made everything a bit too tall for my liking.

    I found this mount adapter and have been loving it ever since https://shop.dm-accessories.com/products/uni-cube-multi-point-mount-for-universal-shoe-mounts

    it turns any shoe mount into 5 mounts. I usually use a Z96 on top and a RODE shotgun on the right and works like a charm. I've also mounted a Sennheiser wireless receiver on the other side, very nice accessory, highly recommended.

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