Fotga Standard Rail System + QR Adapter

Fotga has released an impressive budget follow focus, and if you're the type who's against 'cross branding', now they are starting to leak out a Standard set of rails to match. The basic rail set is needed to mount the FF, and should normally come with a camera mounting plate and a tripod plate (under the rail set). It's industry standard 15mm with 60mm apart, with metal knobs (not plastic) and also come with a lens support clamp (adds Long lens support when using an FF).


For a bit more Fotga has another set that includes a (proprietary) Quick release system. Looks like they are working towards a full shoulder rig, which doesn't seem to be available just yet. Not extremely competitive with pricing, but compared to what we were seeing just a year ago it's a welcome option.

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20 thoughts on “Fotga Standard Rail System + QR Adapter

  1. Mike C

    Sorry, I should mention, that the intention of the staggered Z shape would be to bring the top plate closer to me, rather than the reverse of having it in the front. Thanks

  2. Mike C

    A few questions for folks using a system like the one presented in this post, or the following on a Cowboy Studio rig:

    A) Does the 'staggered' Z-shape setup offer enough support for a typical smaller DSLR weight setup? I've seen some setups staggered and others boxed with the 2 plates parallel.

    B) Even with the height adjustment for the rails, the distance from the base of the Cowboy Studio shoulder piece & the QR system is still the same. Does this setup still allow the use of a battery grip without getting too tall for an eye level Live View display?

    It's my goal to have the system's weight off the arms. I prefer something closed in and balanced with the majority of the bulk on top of the shoulder. With this sort of system, how close to being properly 'over the shoulder' would a staggered setup bring me when mounted on the CS base? Without using an EVF, would this bring the camera's Live View display too close to my eye? 60D, t3i, etc.


  3. DL

    1 month after buying one from link-delight, it's not looking good, but they are staying in communication, at least.
    According to them, units are being held at customs due to complaints from 'the brand holder'

    The picture seen in an earlier comment also shows "Fotga", so I wonder what's going on.

  4. Brad Magnus

    I just ordered mine. I sure hope it doesn't take 2 months to get here. Or like Pablo, I have to file a claim... But it's a good enough price and appears to be high enough quality to be worth the risk.

  5. Jamel

    You have to excuse me, I haven't used follow focus much.

    I see the rails that the FF attaches to, and when I go to the ebay site I see how it attaches to a shoulder rig, but I'm not seeing where it would attach to a tripod head.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Pablo - If you purchased from eBay, the solution would be to file a claim. You could get a refund.

  7. Pablo

    I still waiting 2 months since I purchase from DSLRbaby, and mine doesn´t arrive and they don´t offer solutions, just to inform the rest of you, bad seller, hope you don´t have same problem.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Ricky - It's following basic industry standard sizes and will fit DSLRs. I've not had any issues with holes not being centered so much with the camera, but there are ways around that.

  9. @ john d

    But this rail system is made for the DSLR's? So should we assume this rail system only works for certain company's DSLRs? I guess we just need to find out which DSLRs camera hole isn't centered. Cuz I was thinking about getting one of these and I have a Canon 60D.

  10. john d

    I like the look of it, however there is just one downside that I don't like about these:
    -they don't have any way of adjusting across the horizontal plane (left and right)

    For about the same price (or a little more), you could get the Cavision knockoff or the Letus knockoff from those sellers in India.

    That is something everyone might want to look at, especially if your camera hole is not 100% centered!!

  11. Nick1200

    Looks like a good inexpensive rail support esp. if you want to get their FF later. Resembles the RR 2.0 set-up but I'm guessing alum. instead of carbon fiber. I like that it has a tripod mount included.

    Do you think it's better to buy the 118.00 version and put your recommended QR plate on later? (instead of standard camera mount) Or go with their145.00 version QR mount?

  12. So is this pretty much the cheapest decent quality set of rails for a DSLR that is out there?

    I'm looking to upgrade to rails and a follow focus soon and was wondering if there are any options cheaper that are of good quality or is this the best budget option at the moment?

  13. Joel

    Speaking of people being opposed to mixing brands on their rigs, it makes me wonder whether Gini will ever branch out a bit ... Follow Focus, Matte box, Viewfinders, etc.

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