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Now that Apple has announced upgrades to it's MacBook Air lineup, the previous models have dropped in price significantly. I'm personally using the (older) top of the line model 11.6" version, because it's easy to travel with and mainly for just emails and internet browsing. I tried an iPad, but the limited browser and lack of keyboard made it impossible as a mobile blogger. Having USB ports allows me to download and backup from my Compact cameras.

Do you need the latest model? Even with upgraded horsepower, I don't see myself using these systems for photo or video editing, it's just too small. My version is now discounted about $350 dollars from when I purchased it (not too long ago). So if you're looking for a solid travel system with the longest battery life, and instant on, these older MacBook Air systems are the bees knees..

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @aaron - The only thing I can suggest is making sure the system has a fast processor and fast USB speeds. You'll also need to get a really good Card Reader. They all play important roles to dumping files. Otherwise you could be waiting a half hour to transfer 16GB.

    Another solution for traveling media is portable reader/drives. There are many different versions of Portable Multimedia storage drives, some found here: Portable Photo Storage Drives

    There are also some other ones here:

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @aaron - I don't do dumps to my drive, there is not enough space. There is two USB ports on the MacBook air so I can do a transfer across, but that will be fairly slow.

  3. @emm do you run a usb splitter to a hard drive or dump everything on the air's drive?

    I'm currently trying to figure out the most reliable/compact way to dump footage on gear heavy trips I don't want to bring my macbook on.

  4. I am looking for a laptop myself right now, and I can't seem to be sold on anything but a 15" core i7. It has the computing power of my desktop iMac, allowing one to edit from anywhere anytime. Yeah it's pricier than the Airs, but the things you can do on it are well worth the price jump. Refurbished ones (2011 models with thunderbolt) are going for $1530: Definitely my next purchase.

  5. Olivier

    I have the same generation top of the line 13" and it's great. I love that it has a higher 1440x900 screen resolution (same as 15" MBP.) The SSD drive really changes the game. I have no problem editing photos in Aperture 3 on it and it boots in 10 sec(but I never actually power it down).

    The only feature I really miss is the backlight keyboard.

    Pretty good deal now:

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