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GH2 hack footage - 4:3 MJPEG for true LOMO anamorphic 2.35:1 cinemascope from Andrew Reid on Vimeo.

For starters the GH2 was mostly unavailable throughout it's release, but has anyone noticed that the Panasonic GH2 prices have recently ridiculously inflated again? It's been brought back to life with the recent news of a firmware hack mod that will unlock some new features, but also unlock some crazy video bitrates as well. Testing different features so far looks very promising and since hardware wise it's superior to previous Panasonic's, this should bring out quality from a Micro Four Thirds never seen before. If you've already picked up a GH2, it's just a matter of waiting while the firmware is fine tuned, but if you're looking to jump on the bandwagon some average pricing can be found at the auctions (click here).

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16 thoughts on “Panasonic GH2 Hack News

  1. @Andrew Reid
    Any chance there is going to be a tutorial on the hack for beginners? I.e. - the ins and outs of how to do it, what is gained, lost, risk etc? I gather there was one for the GH1 you had done at one time (thats what I gathered from NFS). But I find it a bit challenging as a n00b who wants to have the hacked capability but really needs to be walked through the process and or dangers? Thoughts? Thanks.

  2. Rabby

    Is it true that the GH2 body from China is not as good compared to GH2 from Japan? I read that somewhere....anyone?

  3. Exciting times for GH2 owners.

    @Neil and @Bronx - if you're gonna criticise, at least get the name right. It's EOSHD.

    Not EoShD or EOS-HD or HDEOS or eosHD. OK?

  4. roguebot


    The HDMI out is uncompressed, however the colorspace is 4:2:0 and the signal comes out in a weird cadence which is what they mean by "clean" (bizarrely the signal is 60i, not 59.97i).

  5. Fabdex

    @Neil: And the anamorphic video up there isn't even in the right aspect ratio.

    As for the Ninja, what people call "problem" has to do with the fact that it records in a 1080i container. But getting it back to "P" can be done pretty easily. Of course, there might be a few problems I haven't read about.

    Personally, I'd buy the Sound Devices Pix 240. It's twice the price but seems a lot more rugged than the Ninja. (And it has a few extra goodies, too).

  6. Bronx

    @Neil : THANK YOU for saying what's on everyone's mind (who isn't a fanboy of EOShd/Andrew Reid). If you notice, his blog is just a bitching and moaning session about anything not GH1/2. This guy has really lost the plot. Additionally all those silly anamorphic videos of buildings are silly, especially since I have yet to see ONE video of his where his aspect ratio is will notice all the people in his videos look anemic! And let's not get started with his childish cyber-bullying rant against lpowell. EOShd is trying to put themselves up there with vitaly which is just ridiculous.

    But back on subject. This GH2 hack is huge, but the ship has sailed. Panasonic's poor marketing and failure to ship out GH2s on time has definitely started putting a nail in the coffin for m4/3 in general. This hack could be one of the last hacks in the cycle...perhaps a GH3 will be released, but I can't see beyond that.

  7. Neil

    I don't know about you guys but I'm really getting bored of EOS HDs love of the GH1 and GH2 not to mention all those repetitive anamorphic videos of buildings etc. Time to a) change the name of the website to GH2LUV and b) tell a story!

  8. I don't know what "clean" means in this case. I went on the forums, and I think it was DVXuser, that the owner of Atomos was talking about the Ninja, but I didn't get a sense that it was a finished or reliable solution.

  9. @Emm - The jag35 boys have a clip up on vimeo with a gh2 and the ninja, doing recording comparison..I'm sure if you search you can find it

  10. Fabdex

    @ Emm. Yeah, for a while, I thought it was a myth too !

    (just like the Red Scarlet. Hmm. Wrong example: that one<s a myth...)

    Actually, the Ninja has been released ! And, after a few initial bugs (fixed by firmware updates) it turns out, if you believe the few reviews on the web, that it works pretty well. Almost bought a demo from eBay, but like many things on eBay, it sold for pretty much the price of a new unit, so I skipped.

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Fabdex - Wait? The Atomos Ninja isn't a myth? LOL. I gave up on that a while ago when they failed to release it..I didn't hear anything since..

  12. Fabdex

    If the GH2 has a "clean" uncompressed HDMI out, you could do good with the Atomos Ninja. It does Prores 4:2:2 and cost around $1000 US (€795). You would have to add an SSD drive to that price or a good quality 2.5 inch portable hard drive. A lot cheaper than the KiPro !

  13. I stocked up on GH1s, so no GH2 for me until someone proves to me that it shoots discernible better video than the GH1. The ex-tele crop mode is great but with the difference in price I can get lenses. Two questions.

    a) Do you know of any configuration of a cage, a plate something, where you could put two DSLRs either side by side or one on top of the other. A guy had put two 7Ds on a steadicam once, with different lenses, one flipped 180 degrees. So, I'd like to shoot the same scene with two lenses, one wider one longer.

    b) I've been reading the blogs but I could not determine if there is an affodable way to get 422 or Prores out of the GH2. I guess you can do it with the KiPro, but that's like 5k. Do you know of another product?

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