New Lanparte Shoulder Pad Integrated BasePlate

Vimeo member LJ Lee gives us a look at the new Lanparte Shoulder pad that integrates a quick release camera mounting baseplate [Thanks LJ]. The design is drilled out to shave off some weight and allows you to carry the camera over the shoulder instead of further out over your arms. Essentially you'll have a more balanced and stable rig, but you have to configure this to use an EVF or LCD monitor. You can already find the new Lanparte shoulder pad via eBay (Click Here).

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find-price-button Lanparte New Shoulder Pad Quick Release Camera Baseplate

9 thoughts on “New Lanparte Shoulder Pad Integrated BasePlate

  1. Paul Hirschberger

    shoulder pads that do not adjust for the curvature of the shoulder are still one step away from perfection. everyone has a different build, and if we have to hold up 5-10lbs of gear for hours at a time, someone needs to come up with a system that deals with this ergonomic reality. i respectfully recommend you go back to the drawing board and think up a shoulder pad that is adjustable to every individuals unique physique.

  2. Rob S.

    Looks kind of over engineered and heavy. I've never been a fan of all of these tinker toy modular rigs. I'm waiting for companies to just build solid purpose built rigs with some modular features built in.

  3. I did enjoy the review, just one quick comment on one part of it. They mentioned that "building a DSLR rig takes more than one person". I personally think that they might have been trying to exaggerate the difficulty of building this rig, as I've built RED Scarlet rigs with just a tripod, and me. Now, granted, without a tripod, it is a two-man job, but really any filmmaker should have one at easy access. Just my thoughts.


  4. Jacky

    Hi guys

    Ooo...This product was totally copy from Tilta camera rig,,Tilta just show this shoulder pad on BIRTV 2011,this quality just bad then tilta but the price even higher then the original, because i have both of those brand a full set rig and ff,,just compare :):)

    Best regards
    Jacky Yip Yip

  5. Skeptic

    Good attempt...hmmm but not a fan of the "review". The thing seems like a hassle, and the opinion of the guest cinematographer seems to not be a fan either.

    I like some of Lamparte products though. The seem reasonably priced too.

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