DSLR Rig Movie Kit Shoulder Mount

When you search eBay for a DSLR Rig, you'll find a ton of these 'Movie Kit Shoulder Mounts'. I received this one a while back from eBay to demo, but never got around to doing anything with it. I personally am not into these transforming rigs, but I know a few people have sent in comments and videos showing use of them. Here's a quick demo of some of the configurations they can bend into. Again, not my cup of tea, but might be something entertaining for someone out there. Prices have definitely dropped since they first appears, and you find them on the web (click here).

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11 thoughts on “DSLR Rig Movie Kit Shoulder Mount

  1. Michael Scarn

    You can find these on Amazon for $60 along with Prime shipping if you have it -

    I wasn't impressed with the quality of the knobs and their ability to tighten. With forewarning from various reviewers, I am very careful not to strip the screws by over-tightening. If those segments used better quality parts, I'd even buy it if it were $120. It'd be even better if the whole thing was just solid metal, but I wish.

    Beyond that, you can't ask for much more from a $60 "transformer". Even getting glidecam like shots aren't a complete impossibility. As long as you can deal with the rather unreliable locking ability of the knobs, this is a "budgeteers" handiest piece of stabilizing equipment.

  2. Koitz

    I'm with you Toveri. I've got this rig as main with GH1 and heavy B4 lens and it's very good. Switching hand-grip with shoulder-grip becomes more comfortable because this offset and very versatile with less movements.

    But, as a chinese copy, it needs some tweaking. In addition, you can add some counter-weight attaching to a 1/4 threaded ends, even put 15mm bars. In my case, I've added some velcro strips to fix a 12v-6800mah battery... it's a mini-ENG style setup 😀


  3. Toveri

    Got mine a little while back and there's one tip I'd recommed to everyone: Switch the places of the shoulder bar and the left grip and this thing becomes a lot more ergonomical. Yep, it looks totally wrong, but it's the way the origin for this deisgn, the DVMultiRig Pro is configured.

  4. I purchased two of these and use them extensively. I paid about $90 for each and would again. They are light, maneuverable and very useful in steadying my shots by at least %50.

    I also own a glidecam but find myself using these much more. I think the only true upgrade from these would be a vest stabilizer for me.

    They are comfortable and balance fairly well. Good invention for the need right now.

  5. I have been using this rig for months with a 7D, works great. Added an Arca quick release, a french flag and a spring pod support from varizoom, for the price an amazing rig. I thought about upgrading the shoulder mount, but unnecessary, most of the weight is over your hands so the foam hand-grip is enough on the shoulder. If you have an EVF, this would not be a good rig, a more traditional shoulder mount would be better, but for a DSLR and rear mounted eyepiece it's great.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Ben Edwards - Here's some earlier stuff: httpss://cheesycam.com/the-flex-dslr-rig-gets-a-review/

  7. Sheldon

    Saw this for awhile now... I am worried about the back, where the handle rest on your shoulder..

    1. It looks uncomfortable

    2. When the front get heavy , how do you balance it out?

    Well it's 80 dollars. Anybody tried this out?

  8. I picked one up locally in Hong Kong a few weeks ago. Haven't had a chance to use it but it was cheaper than what was going on eBay, price I paid was $380 HKD (approximately $48USD). But with free shipping on eBay, it might work out to be the same.

    The one thing is that when it comes to the side arms you basically have to rotate them against the force of the bolts so making fine adjustments is tough as is the need to tighten them after extended use.

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