Wondlan DSLR Shoulder Shooter GunStock

Looking to build an ultra simple target shooter type camera stabilizer? One of the hardest parts to come by is a decent looking shoulder stock. The cheapest little shooter kit might have been one from Gini or one from Wondlan's Sniper package, but that was still a bit over most budgets for such a simple thing. Well if you've got a few rig parts laying around you can now buy Wondlan's stock seperately for under $40 dollars + shipping. Would be great to piece together a small shooter for my Sony HX9.

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10 thoughts on “Wondlan DSLR Shoulder Shooter GunStock

  1. eric

    nevermind i just tighented a couple of screws on the thing with a screwdriver and it all worked out and is rock solid.

  2. eric

    Is anyone noticing a bit of give in the shoulder stock? Not that its loose or anything, but i've tightened the knob quite tightly with a wrench, and i can still move the ball joint if I force it (not grunting full strength force... more like i know i can move it if I want to - I'd say about 10 pounds of force can shift it.

    i don't think this'll effect the way i'm using it pressed against my shoulder, because its tilted in a manner that jams against an edge, but i just want to know whether this is normal or not..... is zacutos, in comparison, rock solid or will it also move under sufficient force and is this just the nature of a ball joint of this nature?

    I've contacted there support, and they were quite fast to respond, but i won't get a defivinite answer until monday apparently.

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  4. Alec Moore

    You can buy parts from this seller and assemble a rig identical to the Zacuto Striker Rig for 400 dollars cheaper (220 varying by shipping price.) All it uses is the Shoulder Gun stock, the handle and camera mount along with 3 90 degree angles and 2 5 inch 25mm rods.

  5. Cinesota

    Got my shoulder gunstock today. Not bad for $40, but not as nice as the Gini stuff. Everything on Gini is CNC'd aluminum. The clamp and rod on the Wondlan is metal but the shoulder stock itself is molded plastic.

    FYI, for the guy looking to replace the blue anodized thumbscrew with a red Gini screw it won't work. Gini uses M5 screws and the screw on the Wondlan is 1/4-20.


    I checked out their website and it looks like they have some nice cheap offset shoulder rigs. Does anyone have experience with them? i would like to buy one. [email protected]

  7. Ah, this is awesome. It's gonna go perfect with my gini magic handles and a few spare parts. I'll try switching out the blue screw with a red gini screw so it's all black and red =P Thanks for this.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @LJ Lee - You would need at least a few extra rig parts like one handle and maybe a 90 degree clamp block. If I end up with one, i'll see how I can put it together as small as possible.

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