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iPad Prompter

Crazy little iPad Teleprompter (iPad not included) shows up online. From the specs, it sounds good and price is not bad when compared with other prompters. Prompters are normally very expensive alone, and to see that this one comes with industry standard 15mm rods and clamps included in the price makes it even more interesting. This should help with the positioning of the prompter to just about any camera or lens combination, and still provide a very strong support.

iPad Teleprompter with 15mm Rods Rails

States that it's less than 4 lbs, the 70/30 beam splitter is real glass (not acrylic), and appears to pack all the parts into itself down to about an inch thick. Sweet design and would be very interested if someone gets a video review on this soon.

[Update] Video below, thanks Chris.

Screen shot 2011-04-14 at 11.58.29 PM
find-price-button iPad Teleprompter Glass BeamSplitter with 15mm Rods Clamps


cinevate (1 of 4)

Cinevate has been one of those companies constantly surprising everyone with new innovation around DSLR accessories. Their line of Linear Rails a.k.a. 'Camera Sliders', 'Pegasus Carbon table Dolly', and 'Cyclops View Finder', are just a few of those examples.

cinevate (4 of 4)

Building a DSLR rig traditionally starts with a foundation of rods, but the guys over at Cinevate.com are working on something a bit different. Opening up to the more budget conscious audience, a new concept is based around a specially designed "base plate(slash)quick release(slash)cheese plate". Stabilizer handles, articulating arms, positionable clamps, and more will directly attach to this 'basequickcheese' plate using threaded mounts acting as a foundation for a custom fit rig.

cinevate (3 of 4)

Not sure what it's all going to be labeled as, but for further expansion the base plate combines with rails to support items like a follow focus system or matte box. Threaded rotating ball clamps and multi-length clamp rods can be mixed and matched for different purposes.

cinevate (2 of 4)

Lots of new stuff in the pipeline and more will be posted about these things soon. Not sure if any of this is available, or if these ideas will make it out to the storefront, but you might be able to grab some info over at Cinevate.com.



Above is the famous little photo sent in by Johan about his DIY DSLR rig using Automotive Plug Wire Clamps. I originally posted this article: http://cheesycam.com/diy-dslr-rig-four-thirds-rig/. I really liked the look of this thing, but couldn't decide if it were going to be beefy enough to support an actual DSLR. It's hard to visualize the support rods actual dimensions.Well I got a chance to find some rods and Yes, they are very beefy indeed.

While cruising around random aisles in my local Walmart (searching for items for another DIY), I happened upon the Camping aisle and found an awesome set of Black Fiberglass Tent Poles! For just $6.88 a set, one set can complete a simple DIY DSLR rig. Especially for something as simple as a Canon 550D, T2i, Sony NEX-3 / NEX-5, and other Four-Thirds cameras.

photo 1photo 2
photo 3photo 4

So I grabbed a set of these black Fiberglass tent rods from the Walmart camping aisle and immediately placed an order on the plug wire clamps. They just came in today so I'm very curious as to what I can come up with for a fun little support rod rig.

photo 1photo 2
got my clamps in...

Stay tuned, oh and more information on Johan's DIY DSLR rig and where to buy the clamps can be found at this article: http://cheesycam.com/diy-dslr-rig-four-thirds-rig/

more photos from Johan's rig

click image

Camera clamps like these are great tools to have around. This is especially handy for the discreet shooter. For budget film makers looking to shoot guerilla style in the streets without a permit, these clamps can help get your DSLR video camera setup for a very steady shot. Imagine being in a public location where tripods are completely prohibited. Using a Camera Clamp, lock that camera down onto railing, a restaurant chair, a table top, or even a stop sign post. It's already an advantage using DSLR's to shoot on location since many people still associate them with Still Photography Cameras. They won't even know they just might be extras on your next video project. Check out the Camera Clamp available via eBay.

Check this link for a full list of Camera Clamps available via eBay.

[thanks for sharing via ShadowmindProductions.com]