Camera Hand Grip

I saw these grips a while back online, but thought they would be something very tiny and not very useful. Turns out these things are quite large and the company who makes it also designs Gun and Rifle type stabilizers. I have yet to see a DSLR + Viewfinder with this handle, but thinking that would look very very cool. Might be a great handle to add to the DIY shoulder rigs.

Old school 8mm Cameras

Camcorder with Grip

They can be purchased here:

5 thoughts on “Camera Hand Grip

  1. admin

    Post author

    It's in the article at the bottom where it reads, "They can be purchased here" (then there is an amazon widget). If you don't see the widget, here's the direct link.

  2. admin

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    Ah, I bet it's because most other video cameras (not dslrs) have a locking pin. There's always that wierd little pin on most of my hotshoes, but usually they are spring loaded. Yeah i'm sure a little Dremel grinding would make it work just fine.

  3. Jeff

    Ahh, but one reviewer had a good tip. Just use a metal file to file down the screw tip. Hmm, I could do that! 😉

  4. Jeff

    Looks cool, definitely would be great if i wanted to pull focus with my right hand instead of left, plus it's such a cheap add-on! From perusing the reviews on amazon of this, I'm hesitant because people say there is a small screw that protrudes from the base plate, that could damage your camera and also your camera doesn't sit flush with the plate(I can actually see what they are talking about in that picture) One reviewer said they disassembled it and took it out, but had to glue the handle back together. I would love to have this as an option in my camera bag, not sure if i want to dismantle it to make it work. Going to think about it. Thanks for sharing!

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