TuperHero DIY Shoulder Rig : Tuper-Rig

Fred C. over at TuperHero.com is working on a DIY shoulder rig I believe he's calling the "Tuper-Rig". Based on the RedRock EyeSpy shoulder mount, he's cleverly used some type of L-Bracket to serve as both an offset (for lcd viewfinders), as well as height leveling. Not easily seen in these photos, he's using 2 long aluminum square tubes to make both the handle + shoulder pad fully adjustable sliding forward and back.

Still in progress, Fred sent me these photos of the basic rig layout. If you check out his blog website at https://tuperhero.com, you'll find more information with some way cool drawings and designs of his final plans. Awesome job Fred, and thanks for that huge huge donation to the website too!!

Final questions i'm sure the Cheesycam audience wants to know is, when's it going to be done, and where can they buy one?

4 thoughts on “TuperHero DIY Shoulder Rig : Tuper-Rig

  1. I'll be sure to get you some propper pictures and footage of the rig soon. It works really well, am really happy with it. I even added a detachable second handle option!

    Thanks for the timelapse post man, I wanted to leave this comment there but there seems to be a 404 error (probably because the blog post has no title).

    Again great website, I visit everyday and it helps me a lot! I'm doing my best to talk about you to my french community, to get you even more worldwide!


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  3. Hey!

    Thanks for the blog post mate!

    Here are the things I'm working on before I'll want to call it finished :
    - add counterweights to the back
    - add a detachable second handle
    - cheap quick release plate on the L bracket
    - paint job / finishing touches for it to look credible

    Will keep you posted! But I'm thinking in a couple of weeks it'll be done. As for where you can get one... well I'll draw up a plan and a part list 😉

    Thanks again!

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