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Thanks to HDSLRNOW for the early video overview of the new Komodo Rotating Video Dolly from PhotographyandCinema.com. The Komodo video dolly was designed for the demands of a slightly larger table dolly to support a heavier payload. The unique design uses more surface area around the axles to provide more 1/4-20 mounting areas along the entire Dolly frame.

The Komodo Video Dolly comes complete with a Heavy Duty Ball head and is made available today over at https://PhotographyandCinema.com.

Komodo Dolly_09
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To be clear, PNC (PhotographyandCinema.com) is a company I design for and you'll see me blog about those products periodically. Today i'm giving you some inside information that PNC will be releasing a new full size rotating video dolly very soon. The wider platform on the new rotating video dolly will be able to support much larger and heavier cameras like the RED Scarlet, FS100, AF100, mount larger video fluid heads, and hold more accessories. It's a very interesting design, which I think you'll all love, but so far we can't come up with a name. I actually have less than 24 hours to come up with something clever, so i'm crowd sourcing for ideas in a contest sort of fashion.

We need suggestions for a name, and if PNC decides to use it, you'll be one of the first to recieve this new Full Size Rotating Video Dolly - FREE. This includes International countries too! If it helps, the new Dolly will be mostly black with red accents, still have four wheels, and two unusually designed axles to adjust for rotation. Leave those suggestions in the comments, and make sure you're using your real email address to get notified. Don't forget to Tweet about this contest!


I was really hoping to inspire some point-and-shoot'ers to use the Pico Flex Dolly with a lightweight camera, but it seems everyone is going straight to the big DSLRs! LOL. Here's another fine example from YouTube member judgejgamertag a.k.a innerchie.com, showing some very nice rolling footage samples. Not bad for a $65 tool.


YouTube member dinthisane shares his first DIY video, and it's pretty clever. Using some ready made inexpensive 'Skate Buds' available online, he was able to create a very effective rotating video dolly. All you'll need is a flat base plate and a Tripod Head or Fluid head. It's a very simple way to go about mounting wheels without creating axles. As you can see these things are designed to carry a bit of weight too. You can find these little Skate Buds below.

find-price-button Roller Skate Wheel Skate Buds via eBay

find-price-button Roller Skate Wheel Skate Buds via Amazon

For a cheap sturdy head, you can should check out the one that we used on the Korean Clone of the SpiderTrax dolly found here: http://cheesycam.com/test-drive-spidertrax-clone-korean-dolly/

find-price-button Professional Heavy Duty Ball Head Quick Release


The original SpiderTrax Dolly is no longer available via PhotographyAndCinema.com, but the Korean company Konova copied the design pretty much dead on. This would be the better alternative aside from making one on your own. Here's some friends working with the dolly during Valentine's day. They let the dolly control all the camera movements with no fluid head. Since there wouldn't be any panning involved during the motion, they mounted a simple Heavy Duty ball head normally used for photography.

find-price-button Professional Heavy Duty Ball Head Quick Release

By just using the wood flooring, table tops, counters, and other flat surfaces, they were able to achieve a variety of different movements you can't replicate with just a straight slider. For areas that might not be completely smooth, you can carry a roll of Heavy vinyl plastic (comes in rolls) found at any hardware or fabric store. This Vinyl material will even allow you to run on firm carpet. If you haven't had time to make one or if you're not rockin' a rotating dolly yet, this gives you an idea of how versatile it can be. It's an extremely inexpensive tool that can boost your entire video production with these unique movements. [Thanks Guys]

find-price-button Rotating Video Camera Skater Dolly


Wow, very cool examples of what type of footage you can achieve with the SpiderTrax Dolly design. Here's another simple build video of how parts from a normal skateboard, Cheese Plate, and Quick release adapter were put together for those slider and rotational shots.

Here's a link to the cheese plate that was used.

Two months ago, the video above also used Skateboard trucks and looks like a wooden base. This is definitely becoming a main stream tool for many DIY'ers.

Isn't it weird how I share these videos and information openly, while at the same time it's something that I need to sell? It's all good with me, because my main goal was always to share these ideas and inspire more creative footage. For those who weren't able to DIY and wanted something, I worked with a team to have parts professionally manufactured with solid aluminum, cut with Computer Aided Design, and special Anodized coating (not spray paint). You can find the SpiderTrax Dolly available at PhotographyandCinema.com

Big thanks to Jarrod and Think Gines for taking time to put this video together and sharing ideas for others to make.