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Thanks to YouTube member dim3m for sending in this fine example of a modified Pico Flex Dolly. [Thanks dim3m] The rear trailer contains the servo, servo controller, batteries, etc. The laser alignment shows you the cross point reference for the center of rotation. Having motorized control gives you more consistent movement across the entire rotation. Aside from fancy rotating shots, the Pico Flex can mimic side to side slider shots, or push / pull dolly shots. Especially useful for B-Roll, cut away, or pick up shots with small product reviews. For more information on the Pico Flex Skater Table Dolly check out PhotographyandCinema.com.

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I was really hoping to inspire some point-and-shoot'ers to use the Pico Flex Dolly with a lightweight camera, but it seems everyone is going straight to the big DSLRs! LOL. Here's another fine example from YouTube member judgejgamertag a.k.a innerchie.com, showing some very nice rolling footage samples. Not bad for a $65 tool.