Pico Flex Dolly Sample

I was really hoping to inspire some point-and-shoot'ers to use the Pico Flex Dolly with a lightweight camera, but it seems everyone is going straight to the big DSLRs! LOL. Here's another fine example from YouTube member judgejgamertag a.k.a innerchie.com, showing some very nice rolling footage samples. Not bad for a $65 tool.

8 thoughts on “Pico Flex Dolly Sample

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @genshi - Just hang tight. There is no inventory to take any more orders at this time. They might start taking orders again maybe end of this week.

  2. genshi

    Just discovered this CheesyCam site; great site! As for the Pico Flex Dolly, I desperately need one as I've been asked to shoot a short film using the iPhone 4 for a major upcoming event and this Pico Dolly would be perfect for what I want to do, but I've tried contacting PhotographyandCinema.com a couple of times through their contact form with no response. Anyone know how to get a hold of them?

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