DIY Portable Counterweight for Portable Jib

Not a cheap solution since i'm using a rail set and clamps, but something like this can be done using other techniques. It doesn't take many of these large washers to add up to about 8lbs. and the further you can position the weight, the less you'll need to counter the weight in the front. Much easier than carrying around workout weights, making this portable Jib truly portable. I guess something like this can be used in the rear of your Shoulder rig too, if you can live with the aesthetics.

10 thoughts on “DIY Portable Counterweight for Portable Jib

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  2. Emm

    Post author

    @jon v - I bought them at Orchard Supply (local hardware store). They were the largest and heaviest ones I could find.

  3. itsjohnny2

    Just in time. I just got my jib yesterday. Took a little over a month to get it. Thanks Emm for sharing your ideas.

  4. Steve M,

    Very cool idea! Another fine tuner weight that works is an ankle weight. You do have to really cinch it down to the rail so it won't slide, but it works well.

  5. I bought the 5 foot jib. Figured the extra foot was worth it to also get the tilt feature just in case I needed it. My five foot one also has the weight support on the top of it, which I'm fine with.

    But the idea to use a super clamp to fine tune it is excellent. I've been pondering the best way to do that. Thanks!

  6. theploeg

    I have used a bunch of smaller 2.5lb weights when going remote with a small jib for ease of transport ( I think I can fit 4 on each side of the weight bar). I also drilled/screwed a long bolt vertical on the main bar where the weight bar intersects the main bar that I can put washers on for fine tuning. The 2.5lb weights are small and I wrapped each one in duck tape so they didn't clang in the bag when transporting.

    I noticed in your other videos with the jib that you used olympic weights (which have a much bigger hole). the bar on most jibs are for standard wights (1" hole) so my little weights fit on tight. Anyway wrapped smaller standard 2.5lb weights worked for me, same problem different solution... 😉

  7. Jayhas

    Great solution! You sold on me on this idea. I have some spare rods and a mounting plate so now just have to look for those big washers. Did you drill two holes on the jib arm for the plate?

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