Fancier Mini Rig Size Comparison


I forget who asked, but here's the size of the latest Fancier Mini Rig next to the Express35 Event Rig. You can see why a small micro four thirds or Sony NEX-5n / NEX-7 would look more at home on the smaller stabilizer. With some accessory clamps, it's possible to mount small accessories like a Zoom H1, Z96 LED light, and small Rode VideoMic Pro. Of course the minimal rods are not designed to expand into follow focus or matte box accessories. A better look at the Fancier can be found in an earlier article (here). As of now, I think the only place it's available is on Amazon (here).

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8 thoughts on “Fancier Mini Rig Size Comparison

  1. ... Actually, if you dropped that baseplate via the vertical rod... wouldn't that new Gini follow focus (the one that seems to ape Cinevate's single rail design) probably work on there? And the new "D-Matte" for now is clip on, not rail mounted. And indisystem's indimatte pro is as well, even though that product is more window dressing than functional accessory.

  2. Kristian


    I guess you would have to remove to top plate of the quick release and drill 2 small holes to mount it.

    When i looked at closeups it looked like it should work. In that case it would be a cheap well functional rig.

  3. Marko


    The 6" carry handle on your Express35 rig, is there any particular reason why you didn't go with a bigger one, like 15" for like low angle shots?

  4. Rob

    I think it's a funny visual comparison because it's one of the best looking and most functional rigs next to the worst looking, least functional rigs.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Kristian - Those double rails look like they will work for a follow focus, but I don't see how it could be mounted to the Fancier.

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